Quitting and the law

I have decided to quit my job. I could ramble on about the reasons why, but it has all been posted here before. Last month, however, they made a big mistake in not paying me more than 15% of my salary on time. It took them 10 days to get me the $6,500 NT. Am I pushing it by saying they violated the labor laws and this is my way out without giving notice? :s

The law states (article 14) that if a worker is not paid according to his contract, then the employee may leave without giving notice. I do have proof of this.

In the alternative, I have been with them for more than 3 months of a one year contract. The way I understand it, if the above article does not apply, I must give them only 10 days notice. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks all!!! :help: