Quitting My Job


After almost 2 years, I’ve decided to leave Taiwan. I’m worried that the computer company I started working for will not pay me my salary if I leave, because I only started in late Sept. 2001, because of burreaucratic bs, etc. I’m slated to get my Nov. salary in early Dec., and my Oct. salary in late Dec. (after I leave).

The problem is, in order to give two weeks notice, I’d have to tell them before I get my Nov. salary. I’m wondering if I should sit tight and wait till I collect? Will I be able to collect my Oct. salary before I leave? Can anyone share their experience?

Remember, this is not a teaching job. Thanks.


Ask for a loan equivalent to the amount you will loose if you are going to do a bunk.
Tell them that you need to move into a new apartment closer to the office and since you haven’t been paid yet this makes the situation more difficult for you.
If they wonder why you are moving tell them the lease is up in your apartment and the landlord wants you out. Refuse the offer of them to help you find a place, just tell them a friend is moving out of his apartment…blah blah blah…you know the story

Then when you get the money, tell them very firmly that you are leaving, and they will not be out of pocket cause you have already worked this amount in salary and they can instead have your salary