Quiz = When will you die?

We’re all gonna do it.
Mine said…I am going to die at 83. When are you?
Click here to find out!:

Wow, 71
I guess I need to start planning for an early retirement so I can enjoy my last few years. If I retire early enough, I’m sure I can knock it down to 60 or 65 :slight_smile:

[quote]You are going to die at the grand ol’ age of:

Hmm, but I think I’l still live longer than TC. :smiling_imp:


80, it says, but I’m aiming for 340.

Either way, I’ll outlast you all!!!
Oh, wait, I’m not that young anymore, am I? crap.

It says 84 but not sure if I understood all these confusing english words correct.

66, but that’s something of a relief since I’m not sure I’ll be able to maintain my paper and cardboard recycling retirement plan much past that.

Was it the working in a dark alley?



It says I’m going to die at 85. That’s 22 years short of my goal! :doh:

69! Shite! I do like that number for some reason but not as my death age! :astonished:

83, will have to reduce the stress i guess

63 … !!!
Mind you does match the family (late) history!

79, but I question the accuracy. No questions about family history and that dodgy Math question.

Still if I know it is 79 and plan my retirment income accordingly presumably I can sue the website for an income if I live past that?