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The rise of a superfluous class of pseudo-elites whose role is to teach and enforce an astro-turfed pseudo-morality manufactured by academics in activist pseudo-disciplines and spread by disordered personalities on social media before becoming entrenched as a pseudo-culture.

–Wesley Yang


I’ll take wokeness for $500 Alex

What is, social justice?

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Successor ideology - Wikipedia.

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I just now saw this quote, and I’d like to take a shot at explaining it.

Biden may have been mistaking the Milliken Oil Company for the company his grandfather worked for, the American Oil Company.

The Milliken Oil Company had a refinery in Arkansas City, Kansas. There was an explosion at the refinery in 1925 [1], [2], and the plant also produced waste materials:

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Superfund Record of Decision: Arkansas City Dump, KS September 1989,” p.5

I don’t know whether Biden’s grandfather tried to persuade people to agree to allow underground gasoline reservoirs (I’m not sure if that’s the right term) to be built in their communities, but whether he did or not, it would make sense that many people would not want such a thing in their area.

Biden seems to be saying there’s also a NIMBY factor concerning charging stations. I don’t know anything about charging stations, but the locating of them does seem to involve some complicated issues at times:

Henry Grabar, “Where the Heck Are We Going to Charge All of the Electric Cars?” Slate, October 28, 2021


Last time I checked, the “reigning conventional orthodoxy” was ostracizing everyone who says the Earth isn’t roughly sphere/spheroid shaped. :thinking:

Edited to self-correct:

I completely forgot that gasoline stations do typically have those underground tanks:


I think he did say the American Oil Company (which is where his granddad worked), but he garbled the name a little bit. As to his digressions, and so on: I’ve seen vids of him when he was young, and even back then he tended be kind of a rhetorical jazz musician–just kind of wandering from subject to subject at will. Anyway, whatever he’s doing, and however he’s doing it, it’s caused him to be 'way more successful than I’ve ever been :slight_smile: .

This looks like the video of his speech. He does flub the dub, but he appears to be speaking ad lib to some extent. I guess he starts into the electric car discussion in earnest at around 24:49:

I think his point was that just as the underground tanks eventually became mainstream, so the charging stations might also become mainstream.

I faced somewhat the same problem in the early 1980s working for a seismic oil exploration company, as what is called a front-end man. You had to negotiate with government departments- federal, provincial, local- and private landowners. It was pretty straightforward in Alberta; they were used to the idea and knew what it entailed. Moving into new territories in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the local farners were somewhat skeptical when you explained you wanted to drive through their fields, drill holes all over them them, and set off explosives.

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wotz a ”jargy station”?


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I’m guessing someone or some software transcribed “charging” as “jargy” and “Milliken Oil” as “Milk and oil”.

did he really say that?

Yes, in an interview.


Re Jeff

Lesson number one: Don’t underestimate the other guy’s greed!

Edit: I think it’s actually “rule number one” not “lesson”. Hmpf, stupid interwebs.



Yep. Biden gave a classy reply to a real loudmouth asshole, currently whining he’s being oppressed because other people have pointed out hat he’s an asshole.

That’s the first time I heard that a euphemism for “f*ck me” is classy. Strange customs you have on this planet. :idunno:

ETA: Maybe he was trying to tell his wife something?

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Only that he did not invent mrna tech.

Malone claims to be the inventor of mRNA vaccines, although credit for the distinction is more often given to later advancements by Katalin Karikó or Derrick Rossi, and was ultimately the result of the contributions of hundreds of researchers, of whom Malone was but one.
Robert W. Malone - Wikipedia

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Frankly, that’s like splitting hairs over whether Kilby or Noyce was the inventor of the IC. The fact remains that Malone holds more patents for mRNA technology than, say, you do.

IIRC he doesn’t actually claim to be “the inventor” anyway. There is never any single inventor. It’s a label that other people have put on him, and it’s just kinda stuck.

No it did not stuck. They label him this way to give his misleading statements more credibility.
Most people do not consider him to be the inventor of mrna tech/vaccines.

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