Quotes vs links

You’re going to get a spanking from Alien. Links only. If people want to read it, they will. If they don’t, they’ll wear out their scroll buttons. :imp:

I’d be pleased to be spanked by Alien! :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ll even reciprocate if she likes! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :P)

But there’s one slight problem she should know about regarding “links only” – Yahoo reuses URLs, so if you save a link to an article on a given day, it might be a completely different article the next, and something else a couple of minutes after that.

Also, even if they don’t re-use the link for something else, the stories evaporate after about two weeks. Not that this thread will last that long, but you never know, maybe someone will want to dig it up in a few months when they think about going to teach in Korea.

Then save it to your HD and tell people they can PM you for it. Alternatively, find a link other than Yahoo. That story is several months old, anyway, and has already been discussed here. We’ve had the “no lengthy quotes” rule for a number of months, but it’s been largely ignored. No more.

Awww. I wanted to be spanked by Alien, not by Sandman. :frowning:

Ok, I’ll trim it down. Gimme a sec. Mods, you may want to delete the metadiscussion here, or if it’s been discussed, maybe the whole thing.

Formosa lives! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the rule should be changed?

Its a good rule and should not be changed.

Its a good rule and should not be changed.[/quote]

Why is it good? All it’s going to do is cut down on topics to be discussed. I’m sute not going to be saving stuff to my harddrive to so I caN THEN pm people just to discuss a topic here. What’s the point?
And peoples mice being worn out? :unamused: Right.

Its not about mice being worn out its about long posts in general. I often spend all day in front of a computer, my eyes get bleary and worn out. A quick read is a blessing to me. A link, a quote, and some explanaition should suffuice for any discusion, and often do. If I am more intrigued I will go read the article in full, my eye’s be damned, so that I can participate more intelligently in the conversation. Its my choice.

Should that discussion carry on for more then a month, then perhaps a Formosan article archive would suffice. It is work for the moderators, but hey, thats we pay them for :wink:


I agree. Links suck. The argument is valid that the links are not always fixed. Scrolling down is not a big deal. I think there should be some self control about how much is germain to post, however.

Not sure what the rule is, but I wish that when people made posts consisting of nothing but a link, they’d add a small quote or a sentence telling us what it’s about so that we can know whether or not to bother opening it.

Personally I feel that quotes should be OK (especially with news sites where the links may not exist after a few days) but not if they’re too long or someone repeatedly posts a lot of quotes.


Posting entire articles is also copyright infringement. I don’t know that anyone would ever try to take action against Forumosa for it, but I suppose it’s possible.

Maybe someone should announce the rules to the rest of the Forum? Oh yeah, this is Taiwan!