R+B is a load of shite

I thought I would watch MTV today. I don’t usually watch TV but it was there infront of me and it was also raining outside.
So I turned to the channel only to find some stupid bell ends prancing around sayin:

“Yo, yo! Come on. Yeaeeaaaah…one time…”

I mean, what a load of crap.
And what the hell are they wearing? Bling bling? Medalians the size of biscuit tin lids tied to a gold chain thick enough to keep the QE2 from drifting away.
The music video shows them prancing around like clowns wearing boiler insulating material but they are all sat by a swimming pool in the sunshine. WTF?

All the videos are the frickin’ same. I watched about 3 altogether before giving up seeing any decent music videos. They all showed some woman walking around some large millionaires house with about 5 knob - like blokes doing sign language to each other.

Is that why they wave their hands and arms around anyway? Can’t they speak without feeling the need to do some hand actions?
I bet it’s because the lyrics are so bollocks and unimaginative. All the best lyrics are done in sign language and you need to be a trained sign reader to understand what they are going on about.

So I get to my point. Modern R+B is crap. It’s unimaginative, dull and all the songs sound the same.
How the hell can anyone listen to this bollocks?

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That’s what they said about disco.

The knob-like blokes who make these turds should be made to watch some real R&B. That would soon put the polish on their bellends.

Funny man, very very funny, thanks for that!! :laughing: :sunglasses:

Dangermouse, I have never agreed with anything in my life more than your post.

Dangermouse, stop beating about the bush and just come out and say what you really think. :wink:

edit Why the hell does “bush” have a capital letter? I didn’t put a capital letter. That’s pretty annoying, especially when I think WHY it’s putting a capital letter there.

Damn do I agree with you DM. R&B can be great. Modern “R&B” is about as good as accidentally slipping on a dog poo.

Shiet, this is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. (No offense to the regular funny posters.)

It’s only Tuesday, let’s see if I can laugh this hard again this week.

This is something 914 would rant about.

Whats more stupid is why anyone even listens to that crap? I mean alot of people (especially blacks) loves those modern RnBs almost as much as ©Rap. Same thing happens to rock n roll, old rock was great, then today’s rock just sounds the same and unimaginative. Old rap may be great, but contemporary rap (cRap for short) sounds just like its name.

Same thing with those mandarin pop that EVERYone here listens to. Theres not a place I can go to where I wont hear those imitations of some shitty american music. I just think people listen to their music because of their boobs or whatever… Like Jeniffer Lopez, beautiful person, ugly songs.

Remember the song, “Freak Me”?

As far as I’m concerned, that song is responsible. It was like night and day for me. Before I heard that song on the radio most of what was coming out was alright, or meaningful, or at least not horrid.

That song was a hit, and it was about nothing be talking graphically about sexual gratification. So everyone copied it and that’s all you hear now.

Huh huh!

Just remember that MTV markets their channel to teenagers–not exactly a the most discriminating demographic. Anyone over 25 starts getting tired of this stuff the same way they do 17-year olds start to get tired of boy bands.

Also remember that the merging of media conglomerates in the U.S. radio industry means that the music is controlled more and more by marketing dweebs at places like Clear Channel. It doesn’t matter what’s good as much as what’s going to sell. Forget about musical diversity They feel they have their latest formula for “hit” music and so they’ll only put out what fits that formula. Local radio management have very little say on what gets played. MTV reflects that.

What’s ironic is how far this is from MTV’s roots. Anyone remember when they wouldn’t play any hit music by black groups?

And all this time I thought R+B=37 :astonished:

bush bush bush <–b was not capitalized, a test.

R & B no longer refers to “Rhythmn & Blues”

Thank God Soul music is still available on the net.

[quote]Par…ley…, par…ley…

Can’t get enough of that funky stuff
Can’t get enough of that funky stuff <I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’>

I said, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…, yeah…

Can’t get enough of that funky stuff <I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’>
Can’t get enough of that funky stuff

I said, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…, yeah…
<Hey, hey, hey…>

(Ad Lib)

I said, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…, yeah…[/quote]

Name that funky tune!

The shallowness of the lyrics always drives me off R&B.

I am so far out of touch that I have no idea what R+B you are talking about. I do remember, once upon a time before I underwent cultural isolation here in Taiwan, that there was a difference between R&B, hip-hop, and rap. A lot of hip-hop and rap were utter rubbish, but most R&B songs were decent. Sure there were some really sleazy ones like “Freak Me” and “Too Close”, but you cannot deny that R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly or Mary J. Blige’s Goin’ Down are in the same category. Of course, I think that by mentioning those two songs, I have dated myself as to the last time I owned a radio (thanks, ClearChannel for turning me off forever!).

I just sit around and wait for the next Gomez CD to come out. At least I am guaranteed to get very high quality music that I can listen to over and over and over for months on end.

Yeah, I’m on about baggy trouser Hip Hop.
Now I don’t particularly like old style R&B either, but I can accept it becasue it makes sence, has some semlance of a melody and has people who can actually string a tune together.

Hip Hop on the other hand is just pants. I might sound like an old fogie but there is no tune or melody and the lyrics are just shit.
Infact, I’ll go a step further and say the majority of the stuff should be banned because it incites gang violence, gun use and rabbits on about sex (not necessarily bad) and drugs (no comment).
The audience that this bollocks is aimed at is influential clueless kids who take these dweebs as role models and behave like they do in the vids and do what they say in the songs.

Aside from this, they are probably contraveneing international trading standard laws for calling their trash “music,” which it is clearly not.

I bet I could come up with something better sounding than these talentless idiots can in 5 minutes, using only a kiddies recorder from Toys “R” Us and Sandman’s saxophone filled with deck chairs.

D-Dawg…Da Mouser…D-Man? What should we call you? I’ll definitely come to the next HH if you perform your hit.

9 to da 14 out.

I kind of enjoy R&B. Don’t have much on my playlist. Still exploring. I very much enjoy the beats. You’re seeing the percussion in R&B making its way into other forms of music, such as jazz.

Anthony Hamilton.

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That’s old style RnB. There’s now two different genres called the same thing. Beyoncé is an example of contemporary RnB.

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