R.O.C. Statistics

Here is a site that gives current and updated statistics on Taiwan and the outlying islands under the control of the R.O.C. Do these numbers look a little strange to anybody?

Which numbers look strange to you EOD?


Let’s start with traffic.

Wekkt hat’s easily explained. Most traffic accidents don’t get reported. As that all? What has it got to do with human rights?


It has to do with the fact that the government simply ignores any information that may make it look like the incompetent and corrupt institution that it is.
Did you have any trouble trying to download the info off the site?

EOD, I really don’t see what point you’re trying to make here. I had a look at a lot of those statistics (I think they came through in PDF format) and was qute impressed by their depth. I guess the Household Reg system gives them a lot of continually updated info.


I, for one, have looked at the traffic statistics, and found the following:

Fatality per 1 Mill. people:
Taiwan: approx. 120
“Home”: approx. 65

Injuries per 1 Mill. people:
Taiwan: approx. 3500
“Home”: approx: 2500

With the high density and intensity of the traffic here, I think the figures looks reasonable. Smaller injuries are probably not reported and/or settled in privat.

-So, what was the point about :?:

I, for one, have looked at the traffic statistics, and found the following:

(published data snipped)

-So, what was the point about :?:[/quote]

That he wants to be a naysayer really bad? Good grief, what a urge! :smiley:

That rumours and inuendos, may often be closer to the reality of the situation than what the Goverment here in Taiwan states.

Like Monkey your, misuse, of commas is really starting to, get on my tits!

Well, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. But wait? That’s the case for the whole world! Whoaa, the stats of my home country is as bad as the ones of Taiwan!


The stats here are in general as reliable as the ones of most other developed countries. But yes, a lot of small traffic accidents here get settlet privately. Small ones, mainly. However, in general they are recorded if people get seriously hurt or killed.

Have any updated statistics been published here in 2004?

The statistics are interesting to look at.

The comment that they “look a little strange” would probably also apply to Australian statistics. You can go to look at the same statistics for Australia. The populations of Taiwan and Australia are approximately the same. www.abs.gov.au. The biggest difference is that Taiwan has a nice, concise and readable list of statistics. Australia has a big Bureau of Statistics, and you might find it a lot harder to find relevant statistics.

Man oh man…‘E’, are you still at this number game? Didn’t you learn last time that your problem is that you don’t know how to add and subtract properly?

Ladies and gentlemen, please bear with our friend EOD. Because he is a teacher of English, he seems to feel he has an ‘educated’ opinion to express. While I don’t know about his other opinions, he does not seem to be very good at understanding numbers.

Just don’t take him very seriously.