R/t airtickets from US?

hello everyone. i am an american contemplating returning to taiwan. in my research i have discovered that to leave the US via air one must have a return ticket. sadly, the lifespan of such tickets in only 9 or 10 months. a standard teaching contract is for 12 months. how does one overcome the discrepancy between expiration date of airticket and work contract length?

i would hate to simply throw away a return trip ticket and it seems (from my local travel agent) that many such tickets CANNOT be extended, those that may are cost prohibitive.

Most Airlines have 12 month tickets. They tend to cost a little more …but not too much. Unless you ask them,the “Normal” tickets are 1 month/3 months etc.
Eva, (now part of Star Alliance) and China Airlines probably worth a try.

Buy a one-way ticket, then reserve a ticket from TW to Hong Kong. As soon as you’ve arrived in Taiwan, cancel that reservation.

Then go and work in Hong Kong and be Happy and richer :laughing:

the furthest out return ticket and can i buy is 10 months. if one wishes to adjust the backend of such there is a $250 change fee + any additional cost of flight. i have consulted with all the remaining “brick and mortar” travel agencies about. they think i should just bite the bullet. it just isn’t easy for me to throw away $1k airticket.

You don’t need a ticket to America, you just need a ticket out of Taiwan. Okinawa might be cheap if it might be disposable, or better yet, buy the ther half and go to Okinawa for the weekend.

Seems you didn’t get what I was suggesting. You don’t need a ticket home, just a ticket out of Taiwan so authorities don’t think you’ll be overstaying a visa and living here illegally. Like a closing bar, they don’t care where you go as long as you don’t stay here. Tickets to Hong Kong are very cheap (around or under US$300) and often refundable. So buy a one-way ticket to Taiwan, then book a refundable one-way ticket to HK from Taipei, show them both Taiwanese immigration officials, and upon landing safely in Taiwan, call up the airline and cancel the Hong Kong ticket.

I speak on experience.

hokwongwei: yes, i agree. such is how i used to do it. seems now the airlines are forbidden from selling one way tickets out of the US w/out an attached return. and the required “back home” ticket is good for only 10 months.

That… sounds impossible. What about foreign nationals leaving the US for good? They’d have to buy a return ticket? Book your ticket online directly with EVA or China Air, they should let you do one way.

I was able to book a one way no problem just a few weeks back.

I booked one way through kayak.com no problem.

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How could that be possible???

It would mean US citizens are no longer allowed to be abroad for more than 10 months at a time :astonished:

None of that is not true. I just bought a one-way ticket in US and traveled to Taiwan all in last couple weeks.

By the way, I bought a ticket to Clark this year on AirAsia for $1388 and return for less than $800. Check this thread for more info: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … k#p1516096