R they ripping me off?

So i was working for this school, i started march 14th, on my second day i got food poisoning from their lunch food!. I was really sick and nauseous for the rest of the week, i lost 9lbs. As a result of getting f.p i was obviously not looking or feeling too well, and being my first week at this place it left a bad first impression in the minds of the boss and the other workers that i wasn’t able to recover from. So after three weeks they found a replacement. Anyway they paid me the other day but held back 20% in tax but my arc never went through so why r they taking 20%? R they screwing me or is that money really going to the government?

Anybody know?

No. That is just the law.

there’s no way to know that the $$$ will go to the govt., but it is the law. you can ask them, if you think you’ll get a straight answer. :laughing:

I say, yes, they are ripping you off. The money is not going to the government.
However, if you plan to stay in Taiwan and get a new job with an ARC, I believe you can get the money back. Just tell your former employers that you need a tax receipt for when you file your taxes next year. They have to give you one. If they won’t or can’t provide it, you can then insist they give you the 20% they took off. I should say - you have the moral high ground to insist they do so, but you will still have to argue, maybe for quite a long time.

Ok, thanks, do you know how long it would take for them to process this and give me a tax reciept?

I don’t know, but it should be quick. They often drag things out here by saying to come back next week, etc. The goal being to wear you out so you’ll give up. Don’t wait too long - though one or two weeks might be OK.
However, asking for the tax receipt is really a way to force them to give you your money back. If they do give you a tax receipt - fine. It’s more likely that they didn’t give the money to the gov’t; in which case, by arguing (and pretending that you just want the receipt) you may be able to get the money.

You won’t get your tax reciept until the school does its taxes for this year which will be anytime between Jan and April 2006. They also will not be able to issue a tax reciept without an ARC number. They can, however, deduct 20% without you having an ARC. I would suggest that you asssure them that you will be here next year and will be waiting for your receipt so don’t forget. When you do get an ARC phone them and tell them the number. Be thorough and direct and you should get at least some of that 20% back. Good luck.