Rabbit 4 adoption - Kaoshiung


Anyone interested in adopting a rabbit? I will deliver to you if you are in Kaoshiung city or county. The people where I leave my bike everyday at the trainstation, can’t take care of their rabbit anymore, as they own too many dogs and birds now to take care of. They never let the rabbit out of his tiny cage so I really hope that somebody who would be able to let the poor thing out sometimes can adopt him.

He’s (or she - don’t know) is white with a few black spots.

Please let me know if you’re interested.

There is a website run by a girl down south that helps people rescue rabbits and find them new homes. It has been written about in the Apple Daily and has rescued hundreds of rabbits over the years. Almost unbelievably, yesterday the father of the girl who runs the site took her own rabbit and released it into the wild whilst the girl was at work. This is the girl’s father we are talking about. What a complete and utter cunt. I feel like going down there a filling the fucker in myself. I am still thinking about it. It’s likely that he killed it. Even after all the years I’ve spent here I can still be amazed at how Chinese/Taiwanese people treat their children. You’re not a person. You are my property and I will do with you as I please. If I commit suicide I will of course murder you first because being dead I will have no further use for you. Can you imagine your own father taking your own pet away whilst you were at work? Really it beggars belief. I bet the guy’s response is: “So what? She’ll get over it.”

It really would give me enormous pleasure to work that guy for an hour or so with an iron bar. So what? He’ll get over it.

The website is here. blog.xuite.net/blue_sky23/rabbitget

I can’t believe he did that! Yeah, I also don’t like the way parents treat their children here. Some of them even never tell their children “I love you” in their whole lives! Especially NOT a father. I’m so glad I didn’t grow up here!