Rabies and concequences for international flights

Hi guys, i heard about the rabies being found in Taiwan… does anyone know for sure if the policy for traveling with a dog/cat to US has changed? do we need quarantine and all the process that is required for countries with known cases of rabies?

Could well mean quarantine is now going to be needed for animals exported from Taiwan.

Probably the vacation plan to Japan -no quarantine involved- will be scrapped if it hasn’t yet.

haven’t seen anything on the news yet but will try to search. This is important stuff.

Yeah, I’ve written to Malaysia about this as they have a minimum one-week quarantine from Taiwan but it could now changed.

There is another thread about a couple going back to New Zealand and the requirements are so strict now they can’t take their dog with them.

i wonder who is the right entity to ask about this? in my case would it be the airline or the US immigration service for pets or who?

ask the airline

I’d say ask your country officials ( try through arrival airport, I believe this guys from quarantine there will know what animals can get in without staying at their “facilities”). I think air company won’t take responsibility if your dog/cat will be stopped in the airport!

Both are right. The airline must be up to speed because if a person/animal/thing is boarded but cannot enter the destination country legally, they are fined (example: person with expired passport or no visa, animal without proper permits, dangerous goods such as a motorcycle engine still with gas, etc.)

But in order for you to have the paperwork in order, you must consult with the destination country, see if any regulations have changed regarding the quarantine required for animals from Taiwan -remember, for instance, that it is close to impossible to get animals from China into other countries because of… issues, so we hope we won’t get mixed into that salad.

In the other thread I put the link the COA (Council of Agriculture) set up for this rabies matter. Hopefully, they will also update any changes from other countries affecting animal/pet leaving the Island.