Racial Tensions in US 2020

*After being contacted by both parties, the Democrats said they’d touch base on the CWBA after Election Day, while the president’s administration reached Ice Cube and absorbed some of the CWBA into the White House’s “Platinum Plan

The difference between proactive and reactive.

Ice Cube explained further in a follow-up tweet following the uproar, “Facts: I put out the CWBA. Both parties contacted me. Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.”


In Marxist Portland there should be no complaints:

They’ve really got something against the residents of Portland. My knowledge of American politics is a tad sketchy. Are the people of Portland fascists?

Well antifa are popular, so as antifa are anti-fascist fascists, then yes.


That suggests they are attacking themselves.

They could grow a pair and try to march through a more conservative part of America shining lights through people’s windows and calling them motherfuckers. I’d enjoy watching that.

I’d enjoy watching some “Purge” style booby trapped streets set out for them.

Why? What would be the proper response be to, at worst, disturbing the peace misdemeanors? That’s all that’s in the video, all 11 seconds.

Your ‘gusto’ here seems a tad disproportionate, to be kind. :rofl:

I personally don’t enjoy illegal acts, nor violence, both of which you’re describing here. Not of the misdemeanor variety either.

Taiwan must be really scary for you guys with the street weddings, drum parades and firecrackers though. :sweat_smile:

Slight difference betweena street parade and a violent gang of thugs with a history of violence who have the last fews months Burning, Looting and Killing marching past your house.

Try to keep up.


Black victim of Antifa violence calls out Biden and shows off his injuries

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Further defense of the indefensible. Waking random people up, shining lights into their bedrooms, swearing at them. But, it’s just disturbing the peace so that’s OK, and other places are noisy so that makes it even more OK. It’s all OK.

Taiwan isn’t scary to me at all, bar the driving.


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Let’s face it though, I’m not surprised the black guy got hit by Antifa and the left. Beating up black people who disagree with them has been the Democrats MO for years.

Remember when they knocked out a homeless black woman and destroyed her posessions? All because she disagreed with them.

Long read but fascinating…

Are the alt-right still around or have they morphed into QAnon?
Not going to read a MSM hatchet piece.
I’ve never liked her. Always thought she was a grifter. And I saw last week she is behind some new documentary that is coming out so it seems she has not gone away.

700 million streams in the world…there is no go or gone away no more.