Racism discussion


I said I wouldn’t mind that.

White people aren’t subjected to racism, unless it’s a scenario like lebensraum where a group of white people (Germans) tries to eradicate another group of white people (Slavs). All these talks about Japan or Korea or Taiwan or China being racist are totally missing the point. Xenophobia =/= racism.

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Cabinet bill aims to attract foreign professionals

Good thing it wasn’t up to you.

How do you know? Did you ask all of them?


It’s called Western Dominance.


Why is it ? According to what definition?


It’s called postmodernist claptrap.


There is no systematic oppression against white people. Not in any country. If you’re being mistreated here or in China, Korea, Japan etc. it’s because you are a foreigner, not because you’re white.

Racism = we are better
Xenophobia = you are different


But who is making these definitions and rules? You are making up one-size-fits-all-rules for complicated social phenomenon based on no kind of academic theory or study.

Systematic racism would imply that a system is institutionally racist against people for the color of their skin. I could definitely see that in say Apartheid Africa or through the Jim Crow laws but how does that relate to racism today? And for anyone in a Western country who isn’t white .

It’s OK to make this pithy distinctions when they don’t affect you, but I’m sure that give little solace to say someone whose wedding to their Korean fiancee was called off because her friends and family keep telling her that foreigners are untrustworthy and bad.

Racism is racism. Of course there are different degrees of racism but discriminating against someone because of what they are rather than who they are is wrong



Laws aren’t necessary for systematic oppression to exist.

You’re proving my point. They told her that foreigners are untrustworthy and bad, not white people are untrustworthy and bad.

I never said that xenophobia is less harmful than racism, I’m only saying that they are different concepts. The complaints people have for Japan or Korea, such as no-foreigner restaurants or clubs, are xenophobia.

Btw in this case, it sounds like the guy dodged a bullet.


This is laughably simplistic. You don’t get to make up your own definitions. That’s not the way it works.

How about a dictionary definition?

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Based on the second definition there, white people are frequently victims of racism.


You would be surprised how many other Taiwanese would agree with my post. Unlike your pseudo-academic drivel about racism. The autochthonous populace deciding who gets to immigrate or not is by default not racist, but keeping one’s home tidy.

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Good thing you have 5000 years of ‘culture’ behind you to get it right. Western ‘culture’ has been going in the wrong direction for the last 100 or so years. This is probably why people in the west are clamouring to learn the language of enlightenment now. You must realize that you are saying things that we have been brainwashed to cringe away from though, right?


I know, eh?


Yes white people are subject to racism.

Why you have to bend backwards to try to claim they aren’t is strange to me.


Why is it systematic? What is the system in places oppressing all non-whites in white majority countries that dont occur anywhere else? You are making arbitrary distinctions based on your own prejudices

Even if I was to subscribe to that definition (which I dont), the term foreigner in East Asia is specifically referring to white people. So it is racism


This is glorious.


Why do people say racism is linked to a system?


I’m in the minority here but I say that racism is the belief that one race is genetically superior to all other races. Not that Kenyans are the best runners or that Germans are good engineers no… they believe one race is simply better genetically.


I really don’t know why the hell I would want to get involved in such a pointless discussion…

But can’t you see that you are all talking about the same thing here? What is the point of quibbling about labels?

In the example of the Korean family not wanting their kid to marry a white foreigner, yes it’s racist, yes it’s xenophobic. Those are tied up together in that case.

Sure, there are a lot of racist/xenophobic people in East Asia. I would argue there are a lot of racist/xenophobic people anywhere around the world.

Tribalism and feelings of “us vs. them” are so, so central to what it means to be human. These feelings were hard-wired into our brains over millions of years in the grasslands when survival was based on your ability to work together with your own tribe, often in life and death competition with other tribes. It is pointless to bicker about this stuff, because such feelings exist in all of us as an innate part of being human. The key is to acknowledge it, understand it, try to move past it so that you can treat others with respect in this globalized world where in a lot of situations we are pushed together with others who don’t match our “tribe”.

However, in cases where people only interact with others in their tribe (e.g. the Korean family who probably only knows other Koreans), you have to be understanding of the fact that they may not be aware of or willing to overcome their own biases.




not everyone is racist in a society