Racism: the endless sequels

Over the phone, a school boss asked me if I was “pure white.” Is that important?, I answered (meaning: how important is it to you, lady?). “OF COURSE,” she said, as if speaking to a child. “Our parents only want native speakers.”

Now I am enlightened. Only pure whites speak English! Of course, all those Germans, Dutch, Poles and Norwegians only speak English. Of course, none of the Asians, Africans or Aboriginals back home know ANY English. Those poor, poor guys.

Leaving aside the scientific meaninglessness of her question, it is quite amazing that she would simply drop it on me without a care. I’ve been asked before, and many others have too, but these bushibans never get it, do they? Next time, I will answer: “You give me your bank account number first, and I’ll tell you.” :fume:

Hey! My ink is not still wet in my passport! I object! Been here three years and counting… Who slapped that name on me?

In this country, ignorance is as prevalent as pollution. But I’m sure you know that already. :stuck_out_tongue:

No more ignorant than people in other countries toward asians… “why are your eyes so small? can you see?”