Racist Ruten ad?

Hey, does anyone know the appropriate laws that deal with racism on Taiwanese ads or stores forbidding foreigners to buy? I would like to make a formal complaint.


Article 62 of Immigration Act
Article 62

Any person shall not discriminate against people residing in the Taiwan Area on the basis of nationality, race, color, class and place of birth.
Any person whose rights are trespassed due to the discrimination mentioned in the preceding Paragraph can file a complaint to he competent authorities on the basis of the situations of the trespass, unless the matter is regulated by other laws otherwise.
The competent authorities shall enact regulations that govern items, requirements for filing a complaint mentioned in the preceding Paragraph, complaint procedures and the composition of a review committee.

Regulation for Petitions against Discrimination against People Residing in the Taiwan Area

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I once asked with regards to discrimination in employment and was advised to contact the local police administration–the competent authority I guess.

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People…although not everyone, tends to be kind of racist here. I was on the bus the other day and overheard a grandfather talking to his granddaughter. She asked him why there are white people and black people. He told her because black people don’t shower…True story, I am totally not making this up. I almost thought I misheard him. Still in absolute shock to this day about it.

I can buy on Ruten using my Arc…

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It’s not Ruten. It’s this guy.

I tried to buy from him and he didnt sell and then with no communication gave me a bad rating. Now his ad says this.

For those who dont speak chinese. It says ‘Those who can’t speak chinese, illiterates, Cross cultural romancers(IE those who marry Taiwanese) should return to your own countries to buy things.’

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But you can speak Chinese lol.

Yeah. But i did his bad review in half chinese and english.

I didnt see the part of the ad where he indicated he WANTED a cpu. I just clicked on it and pressed buy, because i wanna buy a CPU. NOPE, he accuses me of illiteracy because he used a FOR SALE ad to ask for a CPU.

Seldom a good idea, but why not show it to K-man or even Apple Daily and them ruin him?


I like this idea. Thanks

At the very least maybe it falls under insult laws and possibly libel? You might be a CCR but you’re not an illiterate! Haha

Is CCR a common thing problem understand?

There’s something deeply hilarious about writing “no illiterates” and expecting that to deter illiterates.



Can you please link his profile or the ad? I recently bought an i7 and I wonder if he’s the same guy.

Oh wait, I missed that. So he wants a CPU and posts it as a sale.

Yeah, He posted it on the site THAT DOESN’T ALLOW wanted ads. I was just rushing, I saw $6000 which is a bargain and snapped it up quickly…you know the big red DIRECT BUY button. hahaha

He told me I have the worst Chinese he’s ever seen.

What the :banana:'s he got against Creedence Clearwater Revival?

Dat messed up brah.

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Have not heard mine yet :wink: I would think , at least he has broken the rules , so they should remove his posts ? Errr if someone was to report it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Just put it down to experience… always going to have haters . Most Taiwanese , I hope are better .

Half the time i just wrote down ‘where is my cpu’ cause it was just faster to write.

Oh that explains it . You were annoying AND your Mandarin sucks :joy:

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Yea of course i annoyed him. He didnt bother to contact and resolve any issues before leaving an unsolicited bad review. You don’t just hurt the reputation of others until working to solve it first. He didn’t contact or even attempt. If I get unsolicited negative feedback, i guess i have nothing to lose. Right?