Radical Ideology in Schools and Media’s Protection of It

Loudoun country has been in the news as its board tries to cram down CRT, unscientific health mandates, books depicting rape, sexual abuse, and pedophilia, and a radical version of the LGBT+ agenda. The media has sided with the school boards and administration while demonizing anyone who disagrees with this agenda. We have a very long topic on CRT, but I didn’t think the following article belonged there.



I’m disappointed that you could find joy in a 14 year old girl being raped and much of the media not covering it.


I’m looking at your sources and wondering who’s being radicalized

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“The boy was charged with multiple counts of sodomy and one count of forcible fellatio and was also linked to a recent “sexual battery and abduction” case at another high school earlier in October.”

I’m looking at your reaction to a rape and much of the media not covering it and wondering the same thing.


If the story is true then I don’t know how those school board members can live with themselves.


If that’s your focus and not the rape that was covered up….yeah. That’s says enough about you. Gross

Weren’t you getting all emotional about the abortion bill ranting at me while this is your reaction to rape? Wtf

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Um, it doesn’t sound like there was any evidence of rape or that it was actually brought to the police. From the article, it sounds like a parent is claiming “a trans kid” raped “a girl”, then no one did anything at all. Not even paperwork filed so there would be evidence of an attempt to seek justice. If you want the legal system to work for you, step one is filing a police report, not interrupting school board meetings.

If you do a search you’ll find out that you are wrong about this. A court date has been set for the alleged attacker. The date has been moved to include the additional assault he is alleged to have committed at the school he was transferred to.


Great, but that’s not what the article says

It was. The regulations set required the school to file a report to the police which they did. They however did not seem to have carried out any discipline and did not make the information public and seemed to have actively tried to cover it up. The superintendent said no such student exists at the board meeting when the same student by the same name the father accused is now facing charges for sexual assault of another student.


The irony of how you’ve responded as the school did is too much.

Anything to keep ideological purity

So, upon further searching, it looks like a male student is, in fact, accused of attacking and raping a female student. This is not the same thing as a trans female attacking a female student. It is a standard case of a male being violent to a female. Then the father of the girl was also violent. I do not condone the behavior, but it’s curious you’d post an article that spins it as “father comes after school board for not protecting girl from tranny”, then go on about the liberal agenda. That’s not even close to what actually happened.

If you want neutral parties to recognize that a male student raped a female student, start there. Even the articles from Fox are more clear about the actual events than the article you posted.

I wouldn’t want to be in Steve Ziegler’s shoes. Either he was lied to by members of staff, or he was lying. The school reported the alleged rape to police and then transferred the alleged rapist to another school.

A male student who identified as gender fluid is alleged to have raped a girl in the bathroom. This is what is alleged to have happened.

I totally agree that some men are a threat to women.


I didn’t post this.

@Mithrandir did. And if you’re saying why you can’t more easily find news on it besides a fringe news that wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw a ton. That’s his point.

And to continually see you behave like the school to keep ideological purity is frustrating. The male student identifies as gender fluid from the reports. The assault allegedly happened in the women’s bathroom. The school seems to not have done much about it and the superintendent actively tried to cover it up saying no such student exists and banned the father. The same student is now facing similar charges of sexually assaulting another student. You seem to push back on trans thing rather than the grotesque offense that happened to another person.

Why are you bringing the fathers “violence” into it. He was upset as any father or parent would be. Hell, I’m upset too.


Yes, it does:

Moreover, the district wrote that it was obliged to defer the initial criminal investigation to local law enforcement, which received a report on May 28 when Smith says the assault occurred, before it conducted a probe of its own.
“To maintain the integrity of the criminal investigation, law enforcement requested that LCPS not interview students until their investigation is concluded. LCPS has cooperated and continues to cooperate with law enforcement,” the statement read.

A ““gender fluid” male student” according to the article.

Not according to the article it’s not. It’s described as " a sexual assault perpetrated by a “gender fluid” male student in the girls’ bathroom." Fox describes the assailant as “a boy wearing a skirt.” but that doesn’t really give much more clarity.

No it’s not. You’ve spun it that way. The article is headlined " Loudoun County School District Breaks Silence on Transgender Sexual Assault Case".

Isn’t it? Do you know what actually happened?


The National Review?

They are heavily biased towards the right. More so than fox and that’s saying something.

They’re right, but they’re not any kind of crackpot site.