Radicals in th DPP and TSU are right to be anti-American

America has been either for the RoC or for the PRC. Neither of these political institutions`` are for the Taiwanese people.

It is for this reason that Taiwanese patriots must oppose both China and the USA.


You are correct. They should oppose and the US should pull out support to Taiwan immediately.

By my estimation, Taiwan would last at least 5min past the announcement.

  1. Every US passport holder and green card holders (basically all politicians families, wealthy families, regardless of political affiliations) would be on the next United flight to SFO.
  2. But that’s OK because it won’t affect troop strength since they don’t serve anyway.
  3. Next 50% of Taiwan’s vaunted FOREX reserves would leave with them.
  4. Since Taiwan’s amy is so poorly managed and supplied becauseTaiwan does not spend anything on defence, even when the US bends over backwards to sell them something, the Chinese could walk over Taiwan. Remember, Taiwan has repeatedly ignored US requests to reform the military. In the last military review of Taiwan by the US the comment was, “we expected Isreal and found Panama”. (apologies Panama)
    5)My guess was that in '96 the US should not have sent the carriers

I’m normally a big supporter of Taiwan independence - but when I hear dumbass comments like that, it makes my blood boil.

Go ahead - bite the hand that feeds you and see what happens. The US should stop giving itself headaches of a “Chinese” problem.

Im normally a big critic of certain US policies, but youre right on this one. Taiwan has no future without the USA.

The USA never supported the ROC out of solidarity with the Taiwanese people. (Otherwise they would have been funding the radicals who were both anti-KMT and anti-PRC.)

It was Cold War politics, plain and simple.

The US and the PRC are now buddy-buddy, and the whole arms deals are just for making the US not look like a fascist-booster to its own people.

This fact will not change no matter which party is in office in the U.S.

i agree that US support of taiwan has been borne more out of its (the US’s) own cold war interests and continues because of the US’s strategic interests in the pacific – meaning US support of taiwan will not be pulled based on a whim or based on taiwanese pro-independence posturing. That said, however, one cannot deny that the US is a significant deterrent to hawkish PRC initiatives towards taiwan, and US support is the key factor behind many taiwanese’s sense of security in the region.

so while i think taiwan need not kow-tow to every US opinion in regards to what political direction the taiwanese people choose to take, no faction in taiwan would have anything to gain by being openly antagonistic towards the US.

damn fine idea… CSB should tell the US and China to f*ck off, rally up every “taiwan independence” whacko on the island, put them in all the 2nd hand ships, planes and submarines they got from the US’s bargain basement bin, land them on the beaches of FuJian and they can try to fight their way to Beijing with CSB himself waddling at the front!..

That would instantly make life much easier for Washington and Beijing, and with the whacko’s gone, make Taiwan a much better place…


Whether or not it was “out of solidarity with the Taiwanese people” doesn’t change the fact that if the US pulled itself out of the picture, Taiwan would be fucked. Royally.

Let me guess, you’re one of these whackjobs who live in some foreign country, have never even been to Taiwan, and yet are all Braveheart about Taiwanese independence and think you actually have a clue about what goes on. Am I right?