Radio frequency for hikers

Is there any radio frequency assigned to or popular among hikers here for communicating or seeking for help? Hikers get lost in the mountains here every other day and I was wondering.

Ps: I’m aware of the challenges of the terrain fir establishing communication and tgat you need a licence for certain frequency rangers and device power, let’s not discuss that here.

Imagine if there would be a Radio frequency for hookers…


The story of my life.

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Thanks @tando, you’re always so helpful, my love.

Hikers carrying a walkie talkie is not the type of hikers that get lost in the mountains. Over and out.

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@tando, I just opened the link you sent and there’s nothing written. Instead, there are twisted scrawls all over the place. What kind of joke is this???

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That’s what you think. Plus accidents can happen to anybody. you may fall down a cliff for example.

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I’m not sure what you mean, but FYI

2017-12-28 12:01

南區搜救委員會 145.20 MHZ
高雄救難大隊 07-6282914/148.82 MHZ/144.42 MHZ/434.38 MHZ/146.02 MHZ
高雄市救難協會 07-3809119/145.28 MHZ/431.02 MHZ
台北縣瑞芳鎮救難協會 144.94 MHZ
台北市救難協會 145.54 MHZ/145.88 MHZ
桃園縣救難協會 145.67 MHZ
宜蘭縣救難協會 145.12 MHZ/144.50MHZ
苗栗縣救難協會 145.50 MHZ
新竹救難協會 144.77 MHZ/144.84 MHZ
南投縣救難協會 145.08 MHZ/145.68MHZ
台中縣救難協會 145.54 MHZ
彰化縣救難協會 146.14 MHZ
屏東救難協會 146.90MHZ/432.88MHZ
花蓮救難協會 143.66 MHZ
新竹縣山難搜救協會 144.00 MHZ
新竹市急難救援協會 145.44 MHZ
新竹縣雪豹救難協會 143.54 MHZ
新竹縣山難搜救協會 144.00 MHZ
新竹縣急難救援協會 142.66 MHZ
新竹縣藍天救難協會 435.35 MHZ (救護車,拖吊車)
花蓮縣原住民急難救助協會 143.66 MHZ
中華民國急難救援協會(湖口) 143.03 MHZ
中華民國交通服務暨緊急救援協會(國道) 148.755 MHZ
南縣飛狼家族山難搜救 144.14 MHZ
屏東縣警民守望相助協 144.98 MHZ
屏東縣守望相助促進 145.12 MHZ
海岸電台CH16 156.80 MHZ
灰狗車隊 434.44 MHZ /144.44 MHZ
南投縣警察局仁愛分局 148.740 / 148.770


I mean, what is this???


Learn Chinese

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I was going to say F. O. but I love you.

Hmmm now I come to think that most of these are VHF and my radios are UHF. Damn…

This is relevant:

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