Raffle Tickets for iPad 3 to Help Ex Animo

Dear all,

We are currently selling raffle tickets to win an
iPad 3
when it is released in March or April. Tickets are NT$100 each and the draw will take place at our fund-raising pub quiz at the Brass Monkey on the evening of Sunday, April 1 (no joke!). All proceeds will go towards paying for the Ex Animo rescue van (Ex Animo is the animal-rescue part of Taiwan Animal S.O.S.).

If you would like to help us sell these tickets, please contact us today, either by PM or the email or phone number in our signature. Only 1,000 tickets are being sold, so numbers are limited and we hope to sell out in order to raise more funds. The iPad 3 is being donated, so you’ll be happy to know that all proceeds go directly to our animal-rescue work.

Currently you can buy tickets at the Green Hornet Café in Bitan.

Here’s a little video of The Sanctuary in SanZhi, out of which Ex Animo does all its rescues and rehoming but which also serves as a lifelong, secure home for less-adoptable animals and as an education venue for helping promote animal welfare. Enjoy!

(You may have to click on the direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dz8ccvnri8)

If that video doesn’t work, watch it here: