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This will definitely happen. At least in the concourse. I’ve seen signs hung up that say “ad light box here”.

I think if they want to make money then they need to increase their trains between the downtown stations. I don’t know about Taipei, but trains between Kaohsiung downtown stations only run every 30-40 minutes or so.

They could redevelop some of the land they own to make quick bucks. That said a lot of the stations have been rebuilt recently, Kaohsiung still in progress , Taoyuan getting started.

Took the trains around the island during new year. Very smooth, trip back down South was uncomfortably crowded with migrant workers standing but it’s Chinese new year it’s kind of to be expected. Felt sorry for some of them as they were tired from standing . Always beats sitting in traffic. Zero traffic jams and no tiredness or stress from driving this year.

The East coast has the Xin Zi Qiang EMU 3000 , very smooth, comfortable, even sockets for charging, it’s a more comfortable experience than the HSR actually . West coast still mostly uses the old Zi Qiang. The trains were a few minutes delayed that’s all.

Took the Puyuma tilting train from Hualien to Taipei , takes a bit of getting used to but it is a quick trip.


I meant paying off it’s cost yes I know it’s finally turning an operating profit and that’s pretty incredible as many mass transportation projects don’t even turn an operating profit

Like the TRA I am not sure if it’s rounded that corner

The Taiwan government is currently the majority owner of HSR after it blew up following years of losses. It had to undergo reorganizibation and get its loans restructured.

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I guess just for comparison they didnt release full year 2022 results.
But yes 2023 results in the six months to june 30 was substantially more then the same period in 2022.

even so, three point 754 billion NTD for the six months and lets just say its double for the full year so about seven point 508 Billion NTD, divided by 30 is about 250 Million USD after interest and other costs is actually very impressive. I bet it compares favorably with other similar sized public transports.
However it would take 48 years for this amount of income to repay the 12Billion USD construction cost. So a 48 year investment recouperation is something only a govt can do on such a large scale.

I could lend you 120 dollars and have you return the 120 dollars to me in 48 years and make say 5 pct /annum interest without breaking a sweat, but I cant lend you 12 Billion USD (assuming i even had remotely this amount of money, which actually is as far from me as the moon is from mars). And NO, i am NOT going to lend you 120 dollars with an expected 48 year full return, even with the five percent /annum return…although in large amounts of money this would be seen as a very handsome return…but i NEED that 120 bucks …so sorry, thanks for asking.

so its NOT a good investment for most anyone cept the govt. And the payoff should be seen in general economic transformation and gain, which is incalculable except by different yardsticks depending on whos talking.

Actually a few people in the world have this sort of wealth like gates or mister X of Tesla fame or the google boys or mister Amazon but they know better

so there! Course some fat cats never were in it to make profit from the train, they were not THAT NAIVE, they were in it for the land speculation which im sure they made good. And left the govt with the big white elephant which they may have expected to do in the first place

She was Chairwoman of conglomerate who won original BOT contract.
Originally ran Continental Engineering, a listed construction company.
She has a storied history.


Yeah she went to TAS ? I may have met her

Name rings a bell . She sounds fiesty

These Hitachi trains are the best trains in the system. What a treat to ride them—and if you’re feeling flush, try booking a seat the business car! :money_mouth_face:



That wiki page is quite something, especially the part about her getting kicked out of Taipei American School. lol


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New rolling stock for HSR is due to arrive based on the 700S series of shinkansen. hSR is still comfortable, just very dated and tired needs a refresh 100%


I think the current ones are great still haven’t tried Shinkansen but it’s much better than TGV. Will the new ones replace the current models or will they work alongside eachother?

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Won’t completely replace yet, I heard the oldest sets will be replaced by this new ones, so there will be a mix for the foreseeable future.

Shinkansen r THSR, you rode on one, u rode on the other.


Thanks. I meant haven’t rode the Shinkansen in Japan. I assumed they have more rolling stock models over there.

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They do, based also on the local JR entity operating the line. You have quite a variety of models there


What is the lifetime of these train sets ?
BART is slowly replacing all its train sets after about 50 years of operation

I wonder how the HSR is able to replace train sets when there is so much principal yet to be repaid

Or I guess they operate under the principle that the principal will never be repaid but as long as the operating income exceeds costs replacement is possible

But I do t know how long these train sets are to be used and how often are they replaced in Japan it’s home country