Rain on CNY - good, bad, neutral?

After what seems like at least a month of dryness, it’s now raining in Kaohsiung for the first time in a while, on CNY.

I wonder what the cultural ooga booga is about this - sign of bad things to come? Good fortune for the crops?

Well the neighbors were saying that it does not feel like New Year unless it is cold.

That’s the other thing! It’s been noticeably warmer the past few days in KHH too. Almost shorts weather.

When’s it not shorts weather in Kaohsiung?

December & January, and a little bit of the end of November (and I’ll guess beginning of February), based on the number of people not wearing shorts.

Shorts, a polo, and flip flops today in Hualien. Had to where sunglasses this morning. Things are set to change soon, though.

I’m in shorts all year round, i only where long trousers when heading into the countryside and that’s for protection from mosquitoes not cold. :smile:

There hasn’t been a non-shorts day in Taiwan yet this winter, even on a scooter at night.

It’s great. Keeping the fireworks at bay, so we can get some sleep! :older_adult:

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So much rain today! The first time we’ve had this much in MONTHS!

Really interested to know if they have any superstitions about it raining across CNY?

For me personally it’s good as it washes the air pollution away into the ground.

Word. The air was super thick for the last two days from those fireworks and increased number of vehicles.

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I’m 99% sure there aren’t any such superstitions, since it’s typically cold, grey, and rainy over the holidays. And because my neighbours haven’t said anything of the sort :wink:
Definitely happy to have all the smoke and pollution washed out, though!