Ralph Northam


I do not watch CNN as it is laughable now, but I clicked on to see how they may report these 3 individuals .
They seem to side on the resign side of things . Noticed these lines in the article …yup …somehow Trump is the reason for these things that went on decades ago…hmmm.
“Add all of that to Donald Trump in the White House – and his clear use of racial animus for his own political gain – and you are left with a toxic political stew.”


Democrats can’t get it through their thick skulls that Trump was brand new to office, that he was (is) impervious to PC-speak, that he is loyal to his voters (perhaps to a fault), and probably trusted too much in the negentropy of American domestic stability and therefore probably didn’t realize what was at stake in Charlottesville, VA, in August 2017.

Trump’s father may have been a practical racist (making financial decisions based on experience with minority tenants) in NYC, but I haven’t seen any indication that Trump is the racist demon he’s made out to be by Democrats.

In any case neither the Democrats nor their media will give up on calling Trump a racist. From that misdiagnosis of Trump (as racist) they stumble on, misreading his refusal to play ball with internal Democrat politics as treason until they’re way out in left field and accusing him of “using racial animus for his own political gain,” based almost entirely on the events in Charlottesville or immediately after, when Trump was as green as matcha tea. He has grown since then, after all.

And let’s face it, branding Trump as a racist, refusing to take him seriously as a result, and refusing to grow in their knowledge of him is easy, it’s lazy, and it’s what passes for journalism today in the US, unfortunately.


“using racial animus for his own political gain"

This is undeniably the case.

“based almost entirely on the events in Charlottesville or immediately after”

It’s based on a lot more than that.

“branding Trump as a racist”

He wasn’t branded, his actions and political choices warrant that.




Attacks on Mexican Immigrants, depicting them as rapists
Suggested travel ban on Muslims
Discrimination against African American renters in his housing empire
Central Park five
Birther hoax
Pandering to white supremacists in his presidential campaigm
Nomination of Jeff Sessions
Kicking Univision journalists out of press conferences
calling Warren “Pocohontas”
Sepration of immigrant children from their parents
Dismissing racism as a PC construct
Pardon of Joe Arpaio
References to Haiti and African nations as ‘shithole countries’
1973 violation of fair housing act
Arguing a federal judge should recuse himself because he’s Mexican
Slow to condemn white supremacists that support him
Attacks on NFL players taking a knee at football games
Numerous racist campaign advertisements full of racist dog whistles
Demeaning the Muslim parents of a gold star family
Blaming “many sides” for neo-nazi violence
“Look at my African American over there”
Kicking black activists out of his political rallies
Appointment of Steve Bannon
References to immigrants as animals
Telling Nigerians they should ‘go back to their huts’


Oh stop. Reading the first one just shows me you’re willfully ignorant. He was talking about illegals. They are criminals like he says under the laws of the land, they broke the law the moment they came in.


What’s funny is the narrative that people are being convinced to hate Trump because of this stuff. No, that’s just one of many reasons to hate him.


It’s a nice list, that. Good try!

I don’t think it amounts to much, but I ain’t gonna hate on you for it. I think you’re just handicapped in your own way, a way that many who suffer from TDS share.

That said, among my favorites:

Dismissing racism as a PC construct

I can’t seem to stop laughing at this minute, but I will try to respond with my reasons as soon as I can.

eta: the day that Trump uses the phrase “PC construct” is the day I die. :grin:


You’ve been presented with a list of evidence because you asked for it. You reply with ad hominem attacks and snark. Says it all.

Good night, sir


Good night, my harmless friend. Sleep well.

ETA: you don’t have to prove you can sting in any further response. I have no doubt you can, and well if need be. Sleep well, truly.


Errr, not really . Opinions , maybe but many of those are supposition and a ridiculous manipulation of what the context was . If you believe all of that , then I quite understand why you would hate so much.


“well thats just like, your opinion man”

-jeff lebowski


It seem more like a “CNN” oped. What I mean is that , if you examine the text and context and reality of much of what you posted , it is not as portrayed. But I hardly see the connection between Trump and what is going on in Virginia?


I rarely read CNN so I wouldn’t know.

What do feel has been taken out of context?


Most of it , but so many , I will have to address each one. Apologies, I am working right now, but I will try to answer you asap. I can only do 5 minute stabs at Forumosa


Getting called someone who justifies racism is pretty hurtful. At least you had the decency to provide some evidence with regards to Trump.


I don’t think most Americans object to the racist tone of Trumps presidency because they’ve been sold a narrative. Most find it genuinely offensive and un-American.

If you want to argue that certain media outlets overplay the racial theme to death to the point people are tired of it, I’d agree there. I’ll also agree that the left is too quick to read racism into every political issue at times.


Meanwhile have a giggle…


You missed my point, which I probably wasn’t clear enough about. There seems to be a narrative wherein it is assumed people are being whipped into a blind hatred of Trump because he is being painted as a racist by the media etc. That is what I was referring to.


It wasn’t a personal attack and I apologize if it came off as such.

I just came back from the US, and from having been back there, yes regressive liberalism is a real thing. There’s a lot of too cool for school leftists that will downplay ‘white people’, avoid certain areas because they’re too white, etc which is dumb.

But the thing with constantly linking racism and identity politics is it obscures from the fact that racism is a real thing that hurts and affects America, and is unjust. So now anytime a story about racism it can quickly be discarded or dismissed as just another liberal propaganda piece.