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Mel’s never going to bite that. He hates limeys. They’re all either effeminate or psychopaths.



Instead of whatever he was focusing on before.


Has anyone here ever worn blackface? I’m not judging, just curious.


Nope …but It seems that attitudes evolve in regard to it . Never liked it , personally , but Love thy neighbour and similar TV , was seen as funny then. It would be completely unacceptable now. If one went to a fancy dress party as Michael Jackson , that would be ok possibly , but to use KKK imagery …I just can not see that as acceptable, other than ridiculing it


No, but i’ve seen idiots wear it at college parties. But I suppose if I ever ran for political office in the west, someone will find me in a picture at a Halloween party with my friend dressed up as hitler. He is jewish lol


I would never wish to hurt America. Would it be possible for you to quote where I have linked racism and identity politics to obscure the fact that racism is a thing? Seriously, just provide something that I can look at and try to understand. Not what you feel about me, words that I have actually posted.


This is the post that homersimpsun took issue with. They have refused to quote it, so I’ve done it for them.


This blackface flamewar is totally Jar Jar. Enough. Let’s have a change of pace…


Finally something we agree on! This skit is brilliant



Sure, but everybody was doing it!


Just posting this to point out that American behavior can be more nuanced than portrayed in the media. This from a retired elderly black man in Petersburg, VA, who wishes America would move away from race-based identity and take on what are, to him, more important topics.

A few blocks away, in the parking lot of the 130-year-old Tabernacle Baptist Church, Calvin Robb was getting into his car and lamenting what he called a rush to judgment. “The governor was young, and we all change,” said Robb, a retired nurse. “The Bible says a man who looks behind can never go forward.”

Robb decried his community’s fixation on race as too backward-looking. Even face paint can be neutral, he argued. Several churches where he has been a deacon hold “mime ministry” events in which African American children wear white face paint and perform nonverbal liturgical dances, he said. The 63-year-old said he often disagrees with modern priorities.


Oh, all right. Here’s some more blackface…

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Only people of certain races have the luxury of moving away from it. You can turn off the internet and TV and identity politics are no longer an issue for you, except when they serve to your advantage when applying for certain jobs, buying a house etc.

People of color can’t change themselves when they are discriminated against, racially profiled, incarcerated at disproportionate rates and receive longer sentences for crimes commited than whites.

The day the US becomes a colorblind society without uneven treatment based on race, and underrepresentation of people of color in the workplace is no longer an issue is the time we can get over it. Until then, we should all be working towards this.

And for God’s sakes, for someone that wants to get over it, why keep bringing it up over and over? Who’s fixated on it?


I assume you mean white people, too. What good is done for the nation, what kind of unifying of America is achieved by demonizing white Americans?

Other than Democrats?

Well, all of America will become fixated on it thanks to Virginia Democrats and thanks to Pocahontas. I have a feeling that the brand of identity politics practiced by Democrats will be featured front and center in the months to come.


Emphasis added is mine. You realize, to obtain equal amounts of each race in the workplace, or for women equal representation in positions of power (notice they don’t complain about under representation of women carpenters or rubbish collection people) or equal representation for whatever sexual orientation you can think of.

You need to do so by equality of outcome, the only way you do that is by employing racist, sexist and policies that discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Are you ok with that?


A movie about blackface and black privilege:


Disproportionate to what? To crime or to population percentage? Blacks commit more than 50% of homicides in the US making up 13% of the population. It’s quite alarming, especially since the majority of the victims are also black. So do you say to the families of the victims that since it’s “disproportionate” we should not sent the offender to jail to you know, even things out. Or is your solution to throw more white people in jail?


It appears to be solidifying into “Zero tolerance.” Especially among younger potential voters. First, racism; then, sex and sexism; then morality? It’s a scary time to be a public figure, fo’ sho’.

See? Right there? I’m dead in the water politically.


I never said anything about having equal amounts.