Rand Paul’s wasteful spending report

How about just fix a damn road? 50 Billion?



Includes things like 4.6 million on studying the relationship between drinking alcohol and trips to the ER.

2 million!!?!?!

Billionaires not paying their fair share are the problem right?




Reminds me of Sen Proxmire’s Golden Fleece Awards, when he made fun of them pointy-headed scientists for spending money on research into the sex lives of screw-worm flies. Screw-worm! Hyuk, Hyuk! Then, of course, the research ended up saving hundreds of millions in pest control.
Or when Republican Senators got their aides to go through Obama’s budget looking for soundbites.
Beaver control! Beavers (snicker)- except beavers cause millions of damage to rural roads.
Mormon crickets!= John McCain got that ripper off ‘what about Presbyterian crickets?’, but it turned out Mormon crickets are major pests in Western states, and he got hell from Republican Senators.
Mitch McConnell laughing about honeybee hive collapse- honeybees!- which turned out to threaten billions of dollars in agricultural products.
Science- what a joke. Next they’ll be trying to tell us about that blasphemous evilution, global warming- when Senator Inhofe already brought that snowball on the Senate floor- or the world isn’t flat- when we can see the sun going down over the edge. Science- hah!

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I want to thank you for pointing out how “science” is sometimes advanced for political reasons and not real scientific facts.

Honey bees aren’t even native to North America :thinking:


No doubt the state of television in Moldova will have an indirect yet strong bearing on the future of American television.

I think we can safely conclude this one will save billions.


Many of the fruit and crops they pollinate aren’t native to North America. Honey bees were taken there for a reason.

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Yes. We have honey bee hives on our property. They are a controlled species raised like livestock. It’s not a major environmental issue that it’s made out to be.

I didn’t understand the relevance of you emphasising the fact that honey bees aren’t native to North America.

They aren’t some native wild species going extinct like it’s made out to be. They are a controlled species like cattle brought over and breed for our use. It was painted as an example of how humans pollute and kill off species.

Why was the point that they are an invasive species highlighted in both your link and by you? Why is this relevant?

I explained it. It’s not some wild native species dying from awful humans destroying the environment.

If they die out then there’s no more All American Apple Pie. What are you chaps going to do?

I got stung by a bee last summer. It really hurt. They should all die.

They aren’t dying out. Obviously if they did, that would be bad. But it’s not true.

So why the emphasis on the fact that they are non-native? Why is that relevant?

You don’t like apple pie?

Meh. Not really. I pass on most desserts.

My daughter’s finished her shower and we’re going to watch Laurel and Hardy together. Apologies if I don’t reply to any posts for awhile.

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Because the idea painted by some people was humans are yet again killing off another species from our environmental impact is not true. I’m not saying everyone was painting it as such. But it’s a prevalent idea spread. I believed it myself until I dug into it.

We aren’t killing them off. We are the ones who brought them here and keep them like livestock. They’re not some wild native species we are destroying.

Pretty good point there.