Random Beers

I love a campaign! :smiley: I’ll book the blue trucks and you make the headbands! :wink:

I love a campaign! :smiley: I’ll book the blue trucks and you make the headbands! :wink:[/quote]

Let’s discuss that over a Tesco’s best bitter.

Mr He, do Tesco really stock their own-brand bitter in Taiwan? If so, any good?

Mark, if TESCO doesn’t, I suggest death by gravel truck for Mr. He. Oh, and a banning. Kill the pig, kill the pig!


HG, would it be possible for you to track down the elusive Mr He and wring a couple of can (tinnies) for us to sample? As an Aussie, you’ll have to admit that you’re not fully qualified for solo testing so i suggest we meet at a neutral destination (preferably suggested by Formosa or Chainsmoker!) for some sampling!

Righto! I’ll elusively track him down and wring his neck

Mr He has been moved into the witness protection program and has taken the identity of a Sweedish, transexual, stripper, working in a very dimly lit K.T.V close to the Hsin Zhu Industrial park.

For a bribe, let’s say 200 Karma points, I am willing to reveal his exact location and post a recent photograph for identification purposes.

Tesco don’t stock them in their Zhongli branch.

They still have some left in their Nankan branch, but not many. They told me that they would restock.

I’ll buy some more if Huang Guang Chen reimburses me. Then a neutral location can be found for our test. For Bassman’s sake, somewhere south of Taipei might be reasonable.

They are good. Ask Chung, he’s had a few at my old place and started buying them himself after he managed to empty my fridge.

Mr He,
You’re Grrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!!!
HOw’s that job in the KTV going? Huang Guang Chen still wants to “kill the pig, kill the pig” kill you.

Thanks for thinking of locations South of Taipei. I think some of these guys living in Taipei don’t believe that there is anything south of Taipei.

Of course there’s plenty of places south of Taipei; Yung Ho, Panchiao, Chung Ho… i could go on forever…

I just wanted it at my own place, unless you have other ideas.

I know this guy with a great flat in east Pingzhen. His 2 balconies are good and well suited for drinking…


Huang Guang Chen is keeping a low profile from now on, as I will beat him on his nearly bald head with a newspaper in 30 seconds.

He has tried to stop me from posting for some time using threats, bumming cigarettes etc.

No Takers,

Huang, Mark, Bassman, what happened to you?

That reminds me of a Taipei-based club-nut asking me, in earnest, if there were any pubs or clubs or anything in Taichung. :laughing: This was years ago, but it’s good to see the concept hasn’t changed much.

If Taipei residents ever found out how good Taichung is, our population density and real estate prices would double overnight. :wink:

Hey hsiadogah, no fair rubbing the Taipei grit into our faces like that! You bastard! Yes Taizhong is better in every sense, but alas my work and partner are here in the 'pei. :cry:

Keep talking it up though…and soon it will be swarming with adogahs! Rents and traffic up with wages down. Then the rain will increase and the humidty and and… all the girls in Pig Pen will form lardy thighs and refuse to have anything to do with foreigners and and…


You guys like the Tesco Best Bitter? I prefer their draught bitter.

I meant the draught bitter, widget and all.

Consume a lot, as a matter of fact.

Hey Sandman, were you the old fat slob driving a blue van buying 500 cans of the stuff last Saturday?

There can’t be all that many foreigners here looking like that drinking beer and speaking with such a heavy scottish accent.

Sandman, I’m disappointed. I thought only Danes drank Tesco beer! :smiley:

Its sad and pathetic, I know,
To be buying my beer at Tesco,
But the prices they’re chargin’,
Makes my heart start a racin’,
And I don’t need to plunder my sporran.

AAAAARGH! Limericks! They’re coming out of the walls!

[quote=“Mr He”]
They are good. Ask Chung, he’s had a few at my old place and started buying them himself after he managed to empty my fridge.[/quote]

You mean I used to buy’em. Sadly, this year’s crop was a bit thin so it’s back to the herb rice wine! There’s no end to my misery!:frowning: