Random foreign aggression against the local cops

I always thought Italians were more conservative. When I met my gf. I expected her and her family to be catholic. But they’re pretty against it besides people outside of her imidiate family. It’s actually been weird since I’m Protestant along with my mom from Korea. I’m actually shocked by how accepting of them of me they are and she’s young. They have paid for most of my time in Italy, gave me a nice car and our own villa in Tuscany to stay. I’m not sure I would let some guy stay and live with my daughter until like a couple years in.

The Catholicism of Mr. Ma must have rubbed off on you. :innocent:

Actually pretty interesting to have met him and talked to him at different stages of his political career. First was at a Christmas party. He was really popular as a mayor when I met him and I asked him if he would build more pizza huts in taipei… I was really into Pizza Hut as a kid. He actually signed an autograph for me later and I still have a picture of us together. Probably should have asked him to not run for president or kiss beijings ass so much.

I found that a little amusing too. Random 63 year old man gets pummeled pretty badly, basically bushes it off. Young cop got one bad hit to the cheek, photo op with an ice pack and looking like the saddest man alive. Sometimes I really wonder how much training the average Taiwanese policeman gets. Every time they’re featured on the news they come off as characters in a poorly made buddy cop movie. Especially if firearms are involved.

I don’t know–it’s not like there’s a Pizza Hut on every corner now or anything.

I didn’t even realize that the bus driver looks like he’s saying “I’m all good guys”

Yeah. Should have known then he was a shit mayor who couldn’t even fulfill the promise of bringing more pizza huts to a kid for Christmas.

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This kind of behavior is unusual among Iranians, btw. I know another Iranian here who seems to have devoted his life to world peace (really), and is a fine human being all around.

definitely crazy. My parents were friends with an Iranian. She would using mention exterminating Jews wherever something about Jews came up. And she was fairly liberal.

I’m sure there are all kinds of Iranians.


Absolutely. I worked with a whole bunch of them in Vancouver and they were all fun-loving and woke. I also was befriended by a reputed descendant of The Shah in Victoria. He introduced me to opium-induced backgammon. That was a very interesting night.

Nice try, but I don’t think you win points for demonstrating your consciousness anymore - it’s now considered to be appropriation. Intersectionality or something.

Is it? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: My sources say no

Are your sources fake news? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Very doubtful

He’s dodging the question!

That was a boring question. What’s really interesting is, what is intersectionality all about? @discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: There is nothing happens to any person but what was in his power to go through with. — Marcus Aurelius

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Hmm, I think this requires further study.