Random question: plastic surgery

ok, so the story in the west is that asian women(notoriously koreans) are really into plastic surgery. what i’d like to know is, how can you tell if someone’s had surgery done? people have told me that a lot of taiwanese and japanese singers/movie stars have also had plastic surgery, but i have no idea how to recognize what a fake face looks like. as it is, everytime i see double eyelids on a korean girl it’s a little suspect. of course all my korean/asian friends downplay the prevalence of plastic surgery and assure me that neither they nor their friends would ever think of it. just curious, is all. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why it’s so important for you to know whose had surgery.
I also don’t know why so many Asians sacrifice their god-given beauty to have more western shaped eyes. I love the single eyelids, or the single eyelids that have the creases on the ends that go up. I think they’re called Phoenix eyes.
I have heard that the single eyelids do tend to droop in middle age and the bits of skin close up the eyes, but I really don’t think that’s the reason why so many people opt for this operation.
I saw an infomercial ONCE (don’t know why I never saw it again, it may have been yanked) where they were selling these gadgets that people could use on their eyes to push the eye skin into a fold that appeared as a second lid. Now, I wonder how long that lasted. You’d be having dinner and the lids would pop back out again, and you’d take out the gadget and shove them back in ???

But if you think about it, the concept is incredibly strange. Like the whole Michael Jackson phenomenon.
Has anyone ever heard of westerners getting plastic surgery to look more Asian? It may say something about cultural identity or standards of beauty, but I think it’s rather sad.

As for face lifts, it’s pretty easy to spot those. Just look behind their ears, you can usually notice small scars.

It may say something about cultural identity or standards of beauty, but I think it’s rather sad.

And what about tit jobs in the West, or cutting around the face and stretching it tight, injecting fat into the lips, or sucking it out with a hose? Sure it’s sad when people are unhappy with their ethnic features. But women the world over are bamboozled by the media into plucking, painting, padding, picking and playing with their appearance in order to look like Pamela Anderson, or whatever bimbo they believe is the perfect beauty. By the way, let me know if you’re interested in buying Nu-Skin or Shiseido whitening lotion – I can get you a good deal.

Just wait until Botox reaches Taiwan - or maybe its already here? Mind you, Asian women don’t seem to be as wrinkly on the face as western women. And maybe they would balk at the idea of injecting bacterial poison into their skin.

Wait till Botox gets here, s%^t it’s huge here already. My gf showed me tonnes of pictures of celebrities who got injections . They use Botox on the cheek muscles here so that their faces appear leaner. This was pioneered here apparently, I think the US FDA is considering legalizing it soon.

It’s the higher degree of melanin. It acts as a natural protective agent in the skin. Haven’t you noticed how blacks tend to age without many wrinkles? It’s the same in Asians, Indians, or those with darker complexions. Whites need to get UV light in order to produce melanin.
Also, it could be the umbrellas they use and their fear of the sun lest they look like peasants.

But, I don’t think they necessarily look younger than western women when they’re in their forties and fifties+,even without the wrinkles. They lack a certain youthful exuberance, I suppose, after years of spousal and familial abuse.

And back to the double eyelids. Yes, women (and men) who are dissatisfied with their appearance tend to go for plastic surgery options to help improve their self-image. Sometimes, they go overboard in this department to the point where they look like clowns, but I don’t think they’re aware of this after so many treatments. That’s kind of sad too. Just saw an interesting show on Discovery about that, last week.
But mostly, I think it’s sadder to alter one’s appearance to take on the features of a different race other than your own.
Imagine if whites decided they want to look asian and start getting eye surgery to make their eyes slantier, because they think it’s more beautiful.
Do you think this happens? I really doubt it.

Botox is currently illegal in the US?

I don’t think Botox is illegal in the US. Last time I was there, they had TV ads for it all the time.
BTW, you can usually tell if someone has had a face job by looking at their eyes when they laugh (they don’t close naturally, if they close at all).

Imagine if whites decided they want to look asian and start getting eye surgery to make their eyes slantier, because they think it’s more beautiful.
Do you think this happens? I really doubt it.

Actually a friend of mine said his ex-gf (French) wanted to have surgery to make her eyes slantier, because that friend of mine prefers slant eyes. Fortunately they broke up so that poor girl never did that surgery. Thank god!!

Not sure if I’m right, but I doubt that asian girls are really thinking about taking on western features, when they seek plastic surgery to make themselves look “more attractive”; they they just want to look “better”, whether it’s asian (thinner thigh), white (double eyelids and big breasts), or African (round and tight buttocks). These “beautiful” features have been internalized by most women around the world. But who knows? I don’t think the way they think. :?

how can you tell if someone’s had surgery done?

Some friends claim they can see through it. I never know how, but I did tell a few times while walking on the street, that is because obviously that surgry turns out a big failure. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Alien -
Melanin does not have anything to do with wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by a breakdown of collagen which is mostly caused by exposure to sun rays. Of course, genetic predispositions to wrinkling vary.
Melanin stops your skin burning but it does not stop your collagen from breaking down which takes place imperceptibly over a period of many years. Same goes for sun creams - they stop burning but not the damage to the collagen. However dark you are, sun rays will still age/ wrinkle the skin.
BTW, I have seen as many wrinkly old black people as wrinkly whites. Wrinkles are just less noticeable on darker skin IMHO.

[quote]how can you tell if someone’s had surgery done?

Here’s a starting point for the keen student.

implants are easy, i’m talking about hard stuff like eye surgery and nose jobs and what not. :wink:

and fyi, i’d like to know how to tell if someone’s had plastic surgery so i can avoid girls that have bad self-esteem and a terrible self-image. if everyone could tell if someone had a fake face and avoided them, then noone would get plastic surgery, right?

OK FLipper, just for you…

And in the red corner, we have…

while over heeere in the freak’s corner…

In one or more of these pics, La Michael has had a nose job. Can you tell which one?

I’m not sure implants are so easy to detect. It always kinda bothers me when someone says, “they’re fake, you can tell.” Well, maybe you can, maybe you can’t. How do you know they’re not just round and rubbery, or whatever, naturally. Everyone’s different right? Maybe some flop about and some don’t. Incidentally, I once dated a woman who had her breasts enlarged and I did find it intriguing seeing the before and after. True, they did seem kinda rubbery and fake afterward. But I still think many such transformations are not so easily detected by strangers.

On the other hand, a couple of years ago the French porn star Lolo Ferrari died. She had more than 30 surgeries on her face and body, landing her in the Guiness Book of Records for her 54G bust. Her breasts (I’m reading from a news clipping) were designed by an aircraft engineer, each contained 3 liters of surgical serum, she couldn’t sleep on her back because their weight made breathing difficult, and she was afraid of flying because she thought they might explode. :shock: Not surprisingly, she had problems with self-esteem and ODed on antidepressants.

I’m not sure what my point is myself, but I thought that was too important to leave unmentioned.

In one or more of these pics, La Michael has had a nose job. Can you tell which one?[/quote]

Michelle has had more than just a wee bit of rhinoplasty.

He’s now white (could be that rare disease he claims), which means that he’s had his face peeled, and probably has to do that quite often so he doesn’t turn black again.

He’s had extensive work done on his eyes. Note the arched eyebrow and more sculpted lid.

His upper lip has been reduced and stretched down. Note the space between the bottom of his nose and lip.
Or maybe, when they hacked off the tip of his nose into a pert little triangle, and made the tip defy gravity, it could have stretched out that part as well because they had to tie it in a knot at the top of his head.

Somehow, perhaps by using a hip bone (enabling him to dance better) they built his high cheek bones.

He must have all sorts of scar tissue under his hairline, whadya think?

It’s really revolting what they have to do. :shock:

The worst thing is, he doesn’t look any happier after all that trouble. He looks sad in all three photos, poor Michael.
He’s probably thinking about unhappy he is getting photographed and wishing he’d put on his shades quicker.

[url=http://www.yourskinandsun.com/article1068.html]“Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is responsible for 90% of the visible signs of aging on the skin of whites,” says Dr. Michael J. Martin, past Assistant Clinical Professor in the Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at University of California, San Francisco.

Blacks’ skin, however, ages much slower.

Why are most dark-skinned blacks protected from harmful UV rays? Because compared to whites, blacks possess more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. [/url]

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Male breast reduction

God, how awful for these people! Me, I just love my little man-tits. Mmmmmm-mmmmmm!

You are right. May I have some humble pie please?

To continue the thread on plastic surgery, what about the practice in Taiwan (only?) of inserting a steel ball in to the upper base of the penis “for her added pleasure”? Does that count as plastic surgery?
Gangster-types get them. It is said that the dearly departed Chen Chin-hsing (kidnapped, raped and killed Pai bing-bing’s daughter) had one.

That is another men’s myth, just like “big dick” and “the longer time the better”.

Ok, back to plastic surgery. Not that I agree to plastic surgery, but why do more women than men choose plastic surgery? This has something to do with men’s superficiality. Most women don’t care too much about a man’s looks and body, but most men covet women’s looks and body. So in order to please men, a bunch of poor girls without self-esteem line up for surgery. To conclude: the plastic surgery industry booms is all because men are shallow!!! :unamused: :smiling_imp: