Random YouTube Recommendations

Why would anyone search for that?

Oh, a Japanese actress. I see.

Let’s do a search…


Youtube deletes all kind of minor offenses, that must be flying under their radar for some reason.

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Yeah, but I wonder why youtube’s algorithm would give completely unrelated results…

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Hahaha! You just made my day!

But I wonder what you have been watching to get this recommended to you… :ponder:

:worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm:
Collected like 20 worms :worm: this morning, heavy-rain weather is great for that, and started my own balcony glass box :worm: with soil and kitchen waste. :worm: Let’s see how them Taiwan worms go through stuff.
:worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm: :worm::worm::worm:


This is cool!
I didn’t know worms could do that!

Are you planning to record a time lapse too?

Let’s see if they do something worthy of recording first.

Oops, a day later all the worms are dead, and stinking up my place. Thought they would be more resilient when facing a new environment. Maybe the wrong worms for composting. I did water them and all. Oh boy they stink like really awful. :nauseated_face:


Maybe there’s a McDonald’s nearby interested in acquiring it?

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Maybe they died because of McDonald’s odors floating in the air.

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Obsessive compulsive cleaners vs old haunted mansion :nerd_face:

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And I expected the worst. Setting free a vicious bull terrier or sth…

Why are you so dark, @hannes?
Is everything okay? :thinking:

Must be nice to have a piece of land the size of my apartment and use for nothing but his cars to pass by or the neighborhood to pretend they are BMX competitors.

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No the average Taiwanese walk side either.

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No, not at all. There are tons of videos with crazy and evil people out there, and there is a dog in the video image already, and the video was shared by our MAD masala… :nerd_face:

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Oh… You didn’t expect @mad_masala to have a sweet side, did you?


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The pirate eye patch isn’t for people losing an eye, didn’t catch that episode.

Adam sharing how the episode about flu transmission shaped his COVID response.

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