Random YouTube Recommendations

Finally, someone addresses snakes’ disability and made prosthetics for snakes.


Thanks youtube for this random recommendation !

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Huh, someone showed Madonna a drop D power chord and now she throws Pantera grooves into her live act

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There’s some niche '80s Madonna and '90s Pantera fans whose minds are blown.

Classic commercial.

What the hell? I think I’m watching too much stuff related to health and fitness these days. I think I’ll give this one a pass, though. My wife already thinks I’m weird with the Wim Hof breathing.

We get similar recommendations…


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This guy has a death wish. He goes around some evidently really dangerous hoods in LA, and plays these pranks on gang members. The below series is, “Do you want to get clipped?” Then he proceeds to pull out a pair of hair clippers. Other series he throws up all of these fake gang signs that he just invents on the spot.

Usually I think these types of videos are a bit cringe, but the randomness of it got me.

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Wow, her solo motorcycle trip criss-crossing Taiwan’s mountains had hardship sprinkled throughout.

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The scenery is well captured, but l think she goes a bit over the top with drama and emotion.

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This definitely belongs in the Whack things in America thread, if there were one.

Never knew Cate Blanchett rode a motorcycle through Taiwan.

She looks nothing like Cate Blanchett.

You’re right. She’s more exotic-looking and younger than Cate.

Eh she just doesn’t look like her. Gena Rowlands then maybe a bit.

This must be every juvenile delinquent boys dream.

Sneaking in backstage at disneyland.

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How can someone take something like a motorcycle ride so calm and simple and normal and turn it into a dramatic event I don’t know.