Rank Title Suggestions

How about Tattered Poster, Mah Jong Player, Karaoke Superstar, Smells Like Chou Doufu, MRT Driver, Night Market Shopaholic, Island Hopper, Teahouse Patron, Drunken Businessman, Betel Nut Chewer, Betel Nut Cutie, or Xiao Peng You? Just a few suggestions.

Ahhhh Juba and Wolf, I figured no pity from you guys since some of your posts seem to be kind of Pro-Commie Pinko China KMT lovin’ Pan Blue hogwash anyhow. :laughing:

[quote=“amos”]Whisby drinking construction worker.

Bar boo bar boo man.[/quote]

LOL this is funny.

What about Bing Lang Tou? I use that as a generic term for Taiwan rednecks.

stray dog

Lao Da

Cool! If I get enough karma, can I be one of those?

How is it I don’t have nearly as much free time as you guys seem to have??

Pro KMT? Are you mad? The Kill More Taiwanese party is the last place I’d be.

…oh, Ironlady, if I answered that you’d ban me in a second.

Surely “Towkay” (


Please give us suggestions so that we can finalize the new rank titles – for those who don’t want to spend G$ to come up with their own

This time around, please aim for clearly Taiwan-oriented (all my Mainland China suggestions – imperial and proletarian alike – will no longer be used :cry: )

Here are a few from the ranking thread.

Ratings Titles are different from Posting Titles – when members rate someone’s posts, this person accumulates points. I call these points “Post Points”.

Post Points are added up to determine the “Rating” of several things: Post Ratings, Topic Ratings and Member Ratings Titles.

Ratings Titles override Posting Titles. This means that what others think of your posts on Forumosa will… eventually… be reflected in the title you have.

“Eventually” is an important point – becuase IMHO this is not going to be a meaningful system until a significant number of ratings happens.

Please post your suggestions for the special Ratings Titles here. Remember that there are TWO KINDS – Positive and Negative titles. Please include the amount of Post Points merit your suggested title.

I’m hoping for 10 positives and 10 negatives

Forumosa’s Finest (100 Post Points)
Sage (80 Post pts)

Village Idiot (-20 post pts)
Psycho Xiaojie (-10 post pts)

Positive: Golden Lotus

Negative: Phlegm Abuser
Been here a year and I know the score…
Tealit Twerp
I subscribe to the Taiwan News

Chicken Bus Driver
MRT Surfer
Karaoke Crooner
Night Market Vendor

Oh wait, these are to be serious titles?

For those who get ridiculously low ratings village idiot seems like an apt title.

I’d like to suggest stealing Sir Donald Bradman/Bu Lai En’s Bodhisattva for those who get 100 points and above…is that possible? And would you include a list of highest rated posters somewhere or even in the memberlist…including the lowest rated ones as well?
Could the increments be a little more friendly for the time being since I doubt many people are even close to 100 right now…what if it started out at a smaller one and got bigger like +/-5, +/-10, +/-15, +/.-20, +/-30, +/-40, etc.

[quote=“Maoman”]Positive: Golden Lotus

Negative: Phlegm Abuser
Been here a year and I know the score…
Tealit Twerp
I subscribe to the Taiwan News[/quote]

Negative: I’ve been here for ages and I do know everything.

This ratings module continues to surprise me. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve added some ratings titles:
Golden Lotus
Forumosa’s Finest

In order to qualify for these, you need some compbination of Ratings Points and number of posts. This way, if you’ve only posted once, you can’t attain Golden Lotus-hood even if your single post has enough Post Points.

I’ll post up the Titles, levels and required number of posts after we get more Rating Titles in place.

Also, I’ve set it up so that you to give posts the most extreme ratings (+5 and -5) you must have posted here at least 300 times. This pre-qualifies you as an avid and active member.

i’m still hoping to put up a listing of what people’s Rating Ranks are. If anyone sees a mod at www.phpBBhacks.com before I do, please PM me.


Textbook Photocopier
Copyright Infringer

Taipei Sanitary Engineer
Hentai Ojisan


How about Towkay and Guwen for a couple of the higher ratings? I’d suggest Wangbadan or Bendan for the least esteemed, but perhaps those would be a bit too strong.

:blush: thank you

Towkay, Guwen, Wangbadan or Bendan… que es?