Rankings (User titles based on the number of posts)

Allo allo allo, what’s goin’ on 'ere then? I wakes up in the morning a veteran and by lunchtime I’m a peasant?

I wonder where uncle Gus set the threshold … hmmm … maybe 345?

I retired the “Veteran” rank and replaced it with a whole new set of titles

The glitch is that correct rankings may not be represented in the discussion threads

If you look at your profile, you can see your proper ranking (you have too many posts to be a Peasant, though – and I’m not a “Triad member”). I hope to fix things soon.

I haven’t failed to notice that some people have different rankings, for instance Richard is a “party boss”, a colleague of mine is a “cai niao” etc.

Now, how do you improve your standing. I am at present labeled “peasant” but I would prepare something more suitable like “Emperor of the universe”.

Gus, how does that system work? How many postings does it take to get my preferred rank?

You’re lucky, I’m still only a cabbage.

The ranking is from the quantity of your posts, not the quality.
I’m still trying to bump my post count up

Actually, Cai Niao means “Vegetable Bird” in Mandarin, which can be translated as “rookie”, “greenhorn”, or “newbie”. :wink: The titles are all in good fun - keep posting to see what comes next! After 50 posts, you become “Grasshopper” a la Cain from the TV series Kung Fu. 8) After 50 more posts, you’re a peasant. Every 100 posts after that gets you a new ranking. If you have waaaaay too much time on your hands, like Sandman :unamused: , then you can aspire to the title of Grand Ninny-Ninny Pooh-bah, or something like that. Sandman’s quite excited about it, actually. :laughing:

One whack on the buttocks Taiwan style for that remark :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to keep you off your feet. And mind you, it takes a lot of time.

Deriously, I am all for some kind of manual rating system. However, when you hang around here for some time, you quickly get to know which posters are informative and to the point, which posters overpost and who the crackpots/oddballs are.

I don’t like my new title of Comrade. Sounds somewhat communist. There are other titles that are also communist. Couldn’t you stick to the Mafia titles. You could change it to Capo or something like that. Maybe Snakehead?

Comrade could be lowest level rank. Then Gravel Truck driver and so on. Can these be rearranged and/or put to a vote?

1 Cai Niao 0 - 49 1540 92%
2 Grasshopper 50 - 99 51 3%
3 Peasant 100 - 199 39 2%
4 Game Parlor Gangster 200 - 299 20 1%
5 Triad Member 300 - 399 7 0%
6 Comrade 400 - 499 3 0%
7 Gravel Truck Driver 500 - 599 1 0%
8 Kung Fu Sidekick 600 - 699 5 0%
9 Party Boss 700 - 799 5 0%
10 Generalissimo 900 - 999 3 0%
11 Politburo Chair 1000 - 4999 5 0%

I agree Hobart. I hated being a camrade, very communist to my thinking. Pushed me into a one month overposting frenzy.

Oh for pete’s sake, there are 2 (two!) “communist-sounding” titles – Party Boss can easily apply to those KMT kingpins and city councilor sell-outs.

But I’ll suggest a couple of titles:
Esteemed Philosopher
Xiaolin Master
Betel Nut Baby
Bullet-proof Boxer
Doujiang Brewmaster
Third Wife
Mandopop artist
Chief Eunoch
Admiral of the Seas
Great Khan
Breakfast Place Entrepreneur
Arowana Breeder

I agree with Hobart. I think our rankings need to be “desinicized” a little. I have no problem with titles that reflect Chinese AND Taiwanese situations, but titles that are relevant to only mainland China, or even worse the PRC seem to have no place on Segue. After all, Imperial China had very little to do with Taiwan, and the PRC is even less relevant to our daily lives in Taiwan (except as a vague, slightly ominous shadow in the background…)

Let me talk with Gus, Hartzell and the Mods. Maybe we can get something a little more appropriate set up in the future. Meanwhile, keep the suggestions coming… :sunglasses:

I liked being a triad member, grasshopper and game parlor gangster.
I didn’t like cai niao, peasant or comrade.
I don’t like Gravel truck driver, but the rest I don’t really care about.

How about God Father, Commissioner, CEO, The Big Kahuna,
Yakuza member, biker, … umm no more

Yee’l get what you’re given you ungrateful louts.

Brian (Divine Emperor)

I can only assume that Maoman is joking when he says he will take this issue up with other moderators.
This is a crank thread.
Those who think otherwise
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Sorry to double post all, but what better way to spend my 100th post than to complain that the levels of title change are too far apart? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Okay, so anyway, how about a more complex layering of rankings? There are lots of suggestions for names of ranks out there, why not snap them up a few from posters here and there and update the system to change your rank title every 50 or so…make things a little spicier. Or maybe it’s because I don’t look forward to being a “peasant” for so long…after all, it took me over a year and a half just to get through my first 100 and that includes my postings on coming to Taiwan, finding a place to live, and what to expect in Taiwan…
Lord knows how long it’ll take me to get through the next 100 at this rate.

Who is Zhen Zhu, and why would I want to roll his balls ?

Zhen Zhus are the “pearls” in pearl milk tea–you know, the stuff with the chewy tapioca balls in it. However, I would suggest that “ball” is redundant–pearl ball?

Really, who rolls zhen zhu balls anyway? Wouldn’t zhen zhu ball slurper be more appropriate? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: (sorry, couldn’t help myself…quick, press submit before I change my mind!!)

Zhen Zhu Slurper does sound more ‘appropriate’ somehow. Thank you. I’ll save the ball roller for something else.

nose-picking bugger ball roller?

I meant “booger ball” :blush:

Wolf already has a chop.