Rapha Clubhouse (Taipei)


Is that so? I was under the impression that Ailin was in charge or is she just the ambassador, not the Rapha Taiwan country manager.

They have to have some level of English capabilities, otherwise how do they communicate with corporate offices?


Do people really hate?

I don’t buy their ‘model’, nor their products, but I’d be seriously concerned if that was interpreted as hate.


English, that language in which “read, read, read” read differently, but you can’t say bustling and fucking.


She’s not in charge…just an ambassador.


Not saying the 5-7 of us regulars posting in the cycling forum are hatin’, but there’s some haters out there.

Duely noted.

Just what I piece together using social media. Clearly not a great source.


You can say “fucking” all you want. That’s kind of the whole point…in American English at least.


To be fair, that’s not a bad standard of English for a non-native speaker, better than most of the stuff I edit on a day to day basis. But there’s a world of difference between that style of English and what a professional copywriter would produce.


“The fucking fucker’s fucked” is one of the great sentences of modern English.


Or what should show up in a Rapha video :slight_smile:



Made my day. :wink:


Indeed. British company. High quality (apparently :wink: ) You’d think the bosses would have done a bit of quality control.

I, for one, would be asking for my membership fee back on the back of such shoddy work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe they have better translations over on the Japan Rapha Ride video?

Unfortunately, I don’t speak Japanese, so I’m not sure how the translations came about. Maybe @urodacus can critique it?


It’s not really the translation that is the problem. Hustling and bustling was probably translated as such, but it’s just not an English expression. Think of the (admittedly old-fashioned) French term sacrebleu. Literally translated as sacred blue (I think). In English, we’d replace it with something like good grief, or (if it were me) fuck me!


Good grief? I thought you’d use an example like, “bloody hell”. :laughing:


That’s a very nice translation, I guess by a professional translator. Plus its been proofread. There’s two typos in the Taipei one. :sunglasses:


I’m squeamish




LOL. Yes, pretty good translation. Yes, they do say ku-ki- in Japanese (in katakana) for cookie.


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Waited 20 minutes…just to look around.


25% off and still 250% the price I’d pay.