Rapha Clubhouse (Taipei)


So just an FYI for those that might be interested.

The store honors the discounts on the Rapha website despite the item not being tagged or marked down.

I do not think they have the man power to tag every item, so mark downs are taken at the register.

For those that have been playing import games with DHL, this is a more viable option since…you’re paying the online price and take zero risk of added import fees.


Did you get free coffee @ranlee?


That’s still 9 quid for a bottle. I usually get mine for about 2 quid… :confused:


The coffee shop and store are on different floors. So, if you’re browsing, it doesn’t seem like they’ll just hop on by with a hot one for you to enjoy. Unless, I tried on something and was taking my dear time, that’s a possibility.

However, I don’t plan on buying any clothes from them.


The video is awesome. Have rarely seen such well-produced content on cycling, let alone for Taipei. Too much cycling content is about racing and strength and power and tech, this video was awesome because it captures the feel, the real joy of being on a bike in a city & in the countryside. I can see why Rapha is successful, all successful brands that can command huge margin are good at capturing and (cynics would say hijacking) those kinds of feelings.

So what is the deal with those “clubhouse,” @ranlee? Can any low-born curmudgeon go in there and try on the kits or do you first need to cough up your NT$7800 lest a lycra-clad bouncer kicks you to curb?


They call it the clubhouse because that’s where all their club rides start.

No need to fork over 7800NT yearly fee to go buy their gear. However, I think you can only buy the RCC (Rapha Cycling Club) gear if you’re an RCC member. How do they know you’re a member? You’re issued a membership card upon signing up, so you just have to show that upon purchase. @Liub can clarify that.


Never bought RCC items in store and have never been asked for membership for coffee haha.


There’s this local saying that suits you:



On a positive note, Rapha do sponsor this podcast.


Well worth a listen. There’s free stuff or you can subscribe to gain access to additional material.

I tend to dip in now and again, but it’s a must-listen during the GTs


Lance’s podcast is also very good listening and/or watching. Dude knows a bit about racing even if, well, you know.


I figured I would throw this here

The annual Rapha Festive 500. Where Rapha (and Strava) challenge you to ride 500km in one week. Being in Asia, we got pretty lucky where all we have to worry about is “cold” temperatures. Cyclists in UK and anywhere in the northern hemisphere are definitely toughening up for this challenge.

Who’s doing it and who’s not? Why not?

I’ve done my calculations and have given up before starting. 5-6 days of riding on the riverside would definitely get in the necessary kms, but for me, a bit too boring and the efforts make it seem like it’s a job. Pass.


You’re already at 228km though, and if you did that 131km ride a day later it would’ve been 359. And still 3 days left. But I agree, it can be really boring. I found myself at 75km today just absolutely bored and retracing paths to get the mileage in. Stops being fun when it becomes a chore.

I’m sitting at 238km as I’m writing this, trying for 70km tomorrow and possibly 30km more commuting to work. Although they’re doing construction under the Formosa freeway, which is part of my commute. So it’ll probably end at 70km tomorrow.


This is quite interesting. Thanks @liub for the share.


So, Rapha holds what they call summits in (I think) two locations every year. From what I’ve heard…it’s a multi-day cycling vacation, exclusive to Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) members.

The fee is pretty high and includes high(er) end accommodations, banquets, speeches, beer, support cars when you go out to ride and sometimes may have Rapha execs and ex pros come out to join.

Rapha does get a lot of crap from the community, but I see this as them recognizing how special Wuling is. As one of the most recognizable cycling apparel brands in the world, I think this is a pretty big deal and will definitely help put our hidden gem on the cycling world map as a major destination.

They will (most likely) be riding the KOM route and with the publicity that came after Nibali last year, we can only assume the destination and climb will get more and more popular.


Summits are RCC exclusive, sorry! Thanks for the heads up @squall1 and @Liub


I’m pretty sure the RCC Summits are RCC only, there’s a separate travel section with various types of trips that they promote to members and non-members. Of course if you are considering this trip, it wouldn’t be much more to simply become a member. Also of course, you can put together the same or similar trip with the same amenities and support for quite a bit less if you have the right contacts here (most serious locals would I assume).

The RCC events tend to be very regional and promoted as such. Mostly Asians will attend this or expats who are members in other Asian cities. Again, generally.


Apologies if I was unclear, but the Summit is indeed for RCC members only, just not exclusive for RCC Taipei as per our discussion.


Definitely can do it for cheaper. RCC definitely takes care of the hassle of booking yourself and figuring out a schedule.


RCC = Rapha Cash Crew? Rapha Coin Clique?

Seems pretty damn expensive. If I was independently wealthy I’d probably be all over it though.

Maybe I’ll just get my wife to pay.


I recall someone saying they were making so much money they didn’t know what to do with it.

If you lived nearby the club house or work nearby and need coffee everyday, the membership gives you free coffee. Which in turn pays for itself after roughly 180 cups. Which to be honest, we definitely drink more than 180 cups a year.

If I lived anywhere near the clubhouse I would be all over that. Almost like paying up front for my Spotify yearly description.


Meh. Coffee schmoffee.

I find the whole Rapha exclusivity thing rather off-putting, mesel’.

To misquote Groucho (or was it Woody?) “I don’t want to belong to any club that only accepts members prepared to pay such a price.” :wink:


If anyone wants one let me know.