Rapha Cycling Club reduces membership fee for 2020

Something I never saw coming.

Rapha has reduced their yearly membership fee from 7800NT down to 2700NT

Now most can afford the membership, but not the apparel? What do you guys think.

No more free coffees or bike rentals.

It was never so cheap to be a wanker.


Rapha has a terrible reputation in the UK for being stretched across some fat status-driven middle-manager’s arse while they assemble their Look bike with the Garmin Vector pedals from the boot of their BMW X6.

Is there an English application form? :smirk:

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Cycling has come a long way from its long hidsory of providing cheap and reliable transportation to the masses. Rapha has to be at the furthest apogee from that.

Now cycling has matured to the point where, once again, it is providing a space for the very rich to distinguish themselves from the hoi polloi.

(of course, the irony is not totally lost: I do remember that the very first velocipedes were in fact the play things of idle aristocracy. Hello Rapha!)

I think Rapha has done both good and bad. In terms of bad @volv1992 kind of covered it.

On the other side, they do help sponsor events and get people excited about local races. If anyone knows, cycling is seeing a huge downfall in Taiwan, despite it being the manufacturing center of the world.

I think any organization that help sponsors events and get people out and support is a plus.

For the most part, the stuff is well made, the designs are generally tasteful and they repair it no questions asked. I have had a piece where the stitching started to come loose and I was able to drop it off and pick it up a week later.

I don’t know why people who buy this brand have some sort of stigma. It’s not even close to being the most expensive brand, especially not now. I don’t have any experience outside of the group in Taiwan, which like any group, have a mix of people I like and don’t like.

They are a brand that supports cycling, which is something I value most of all. Not only that, they support some non-traditional competitive events that I think are interesting and resonate with others who don’t care at all about the pro tour/road cycling.

The membership price reduction is great, but I’m a little miffed they did away with the bike hire and free coffee (I mean, really?). But if this allows them to obtain more members and support more rides/events its a net win.

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I like to mix it up in terms of people I ride with and try to branch out from my normal group and I have to agree, you run into people you just get along with and those that you do not. Sometimes it’s really hard to find a group with the same rhythm as you.

Rapha does get a pretty bad rep of people with too much money that “don’t know how to ride bikes”, but seriously, there’s no right or wrong way to ride a bike. To each their own.

This is one of my favorite things about Rapha. As such a big global company, they do great things for the local community where their clubhouses are.

This isn’t directed at you, but I’ve never seen this …in fact, it’s the opposite here in my experience. I think it’s a myth or at least no worse than running into someone randomly in any group ride who is new or clueless (not the same). I would predict if you go to any Rapha group ride, you’d find the experience and ability to ride safely in a group better than most social groups in Taiwan.

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I’m actually afraid to go on some of the Rapha rides. Not because I don’t thin I’ll fit in, but I know there’s different levels where they do simple river rides, but I am afraid of are those Hell in the North rides that I hear are pretty insane.

The reduction in membership has gotten my attention and it might be worth the sign up just to support and try something new for 2020. I’m curious about their retreats and exclusivity to purchase new products. It is definitely a bummer that coffee is no longer free! I estimated that about 180 black coffees would’ve paid for itself with the old membership fee.

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I wouldn’t worry about this at all…my wife tried the hell of the north ride and simply quit along with 95% of the others. Everyone had a good laugh about it and gave the organizers some shit. All in good fun.

I’ve done two of the prestige rides, I am a terrible rider in terms of fitness, it was fine and we finished within a reasonable time.

Here’s a photo from the today’s regular Wednesday group ride…looks like a good bunch of people no? No I’m not in it…also notice not everyone is wearing Rapha.

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Haha, that actually makes me feel a thousand times better. Maybe signing up and joining RCC will be one of my new years resolutions. I know, not too far fetched, not like I won’t be riding my bike, but it’ll be great to make new friends.

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