Rating politically incorrect posts and other rating issues

I “Highly recommended” MT’s post in the “Another one bites the dust: [banned] Acintyabedhabedhananda thread.” However, the post is still listed as having “No rating.” Is this because the other member who rated it gace it a “politically incorrect” rating, or is something else going on?

Also, just so we’re clear, is “Worth a look” really better than “Recommended?” That sequence seems counterintuitive.

Not trying to be counterproductive. It just sort of happens.

Yes, you are correct. Highly recommended is currently set for +3 points. Politically Incorrect = -5. So this topic should be currently set at -2

So far, you can choose among these ratings:
+3: Highly recommended
+2: Worth a look
+1: Recommended
-1: You can skip this one
-3: Add to your Ignore list
-5: Politically Incorrect

The Post Ratings system averages these ratings:

Rank here refers to the following:

5: Inspired
4: Impressive
3: Quality
2: Worth a look
1: Acknowledged

It seems the negative rating can only be applied against a positive rating, i.e. if a post is unrated, the negative rating won’t affect it at all. Isn’t there anyway we can rate posts we really hate (White supremacists, for example)? Chances are nobody will give a really rotten post a positive rating, so it seems unfair that a negative rating won’t even affect how it appears, and it isn’t right that the lowest rank a post or a topic can get is “unrated”.