I miss having rats. And I’m not talking about Shida manhole rats. The domesticated black and white ones we had back home.

For 4 years I have searched this little island of ours, but everyone just looks at me like I’m a nutcase.

Any hope for me???

Why would Taiwan import rats when there are plenty of those big ass ones running around? But then again, people do import dogs when there are so many strays around. :ponder:

I’ve seen hamsters and gerbils here, but no “domesticated black and white ones” at pet shops.

Look a bit more closely in your soup…

We use big white lab rats at school…


I would never go near white rats again. There is too much inbreeding going on. They always end up having cysts, cancer etc. All rats are trailer trash in that way, but white ones are even more at risk.

set up a trap on the street?

I’m sure you’ll catch many, though mostly just large mice.

The street mice and rats look more like beavers here!! All the toxic fumes! Back home I had rats that I trained like they were dogs. Came when I called, peed in one spot, took walks with me outdoors.

I miss them.

Lucky you. I wouldn’t mind running into a few beavers myself.

You need a new girlfriend.

One of those beaver-rats has decided to take a human. It’s been trying to gnaw itself through my bedroom wall for a week now. Freaks me out every night.

The street mice and rats look more like beavers here!!

You need a new girlfriend.[/quote]

Sand, my love, you just said it so much better than I ever could. By the way, don’t you have a Happy Hour to get to?

You need a new girlfriend.[/quote]

HAHA. NO way. I’m done with beavers. THey are WAY too good at building walls.

I disturbed one of those “money mice” (some kind of shrew) while watering the yard last night. They don’t normally tend to pay much attention to humans, but this one was positively friendly – he (or maybe she) ran on to my hand and was quite happy to sit there for 5 minutes or so grooming itself and making strange little grunting sounds. Pretty damned cool, I thought.