there was a rat … a small rat in my kitchen … I managed to neutralize the rat with some sticky mats and by wacking him over the head piece of timber… now I know about all the lovely diseases rats can carry so I am wondering how througouhg should I be in cleaning the kitchen… are the rats here disease ridden

I think all rats everywhere carry some form of disease. Personally I’d clean up all the obvious signs of the rats presence, throw away any food it even may have come into contact with, empty all your cupboards and wash everything with a high strength bleach solution. You could try emptying a few cans of Lysol anti-bacteria spray around the place as well. Definitely very thoroughly clean any cups/plates/utensils in the kitchen. Try to find how it got in there, and of course wear gloves when doing all this. Over the top? Maybe, but the alternative…http://www.taiwanheadlines.gov.tw/20020118/20020118s6.html


Take SuperS54’s advice, clean up, they carry diseases!

Go on a hole hunt. Try to find each and every possible entry point for even the smallest mouse and take care of the holes. I found one in my place, but we lived in a house and I saw where he came in from the street and slipped into my garage, then squeezed under the door from the garage. I bought one of those plastic draft stoppers for the bottom of the door and never saw another one.

It was really cute and small, more like a field mouse. However, with an innate disgust for the little disease carriers I had to smack it over the head with a broom stick, dead! Nice shot on my part as the little guy was fast. I think they come inside in the winter as it gets colder and they can’t find food outside.

Plug the holes!