Rave: Mango Tango - Thai Cuisine and Bar

I found this place and have been going regularly lately, so I thought I would post a raving message in support of a cool bar.

The bar is behind the Ming Yao dept store on Zhongxiao E Rd. Sect 4 (MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station Exit 3), get out of MRT, turn right and go south down the first lane (Lane 170), when you reach Alley 17 turn right (west) and it is right there.

Food is a modern variation on Thai cuisine, and it is well prepared and reasonably priced, NT$200-$3000. Most alcohol is premium brands, even the well drinks are better quality, and the bar tenders are very skilled. The staff is a little shy speaking English at the beginning but they warm up quickly and are very friendly. Locals (which is most of the customers) are friendly and quick in making conversations. They have nice seating for dinner, even semi-private rooms where few friends can be isolated from the bar noise

if you come by feel free to say hi, I am usually the only foreigner sitting at the bar.

website if you read chinese:

some photos:

disclaimer / small print:
no business association other than being a happy customer

Looks good.

:ohreally: $3000 is reasonable?

Nah, you must mean $300. Can’t be $3000, right?

I am sure you could spend NT$3000 if you tried but you are right it was a typo, I ment most everything on the menu bellow NT$300.

Ohhh dear … perhaps you’d be better off in Bkk. Soi Cowboy, perhaps.

not sure what you are trying to say.

this is not a sleezy hostes bar, i like sitting at the bar because i know the bar tenders, and usulay there are no foreigners because i think nobody knows about it. it took me 1 month after daily passing by to finaly walk in.

Last two posts should be moved to temp. I can’t do it.

Ohhh dear … perhaps you’d be better off in Bkk. Soi Cowboy, perhaps.[/quote]

Had some wonderful nights on the cowboy with half naked ladies dancing on a glass floor overhead…all on my lonesome…

Does this restaurant have Thais cooking the food?
I don’t bother with Thai restaurants here unless Thais are behind the stove…

I am not 100% sure on this, but I don’t think the cook is Thai, I could be wrong. I will ask the next time I go.

This is not pretending to be an authentic Thai restaurant, at least I don’t think they are trying to be one. It is more of a Thai theme in cool modern setting. Of all the things on the menu, by far, my favorite is the raw shrimp. I am not sure if that’s Thai at all.

The food in my opinion is only a 7-8 out of 10 and it is well priced. I like the place for it’s ambiance, drinks and socializing.

The raw prawn dish (gong che nam pa) is a very Thai version of sashimi. That they serve it is a very good sign they know what they’re doing.

Sounds like a great find.