RBG Passed away

Six to three. Biden in the basement, phoning in his presidency. The Green Leap Forward has its work cut out for it.



This makes it even more imperative that we oust trump. Otherwise fascist US dictatorship is guaranteed.

Alternatively, Trump has what five weeks to get a new SCOTUS appointment approved by the GOP led Senate.

Oh, and no fascism or any of that necessary. Just politics as usual.

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Glad the Republicans have made it clear in 2016 that you cannot appoint anyone that close to the election.


We didn’t elect the Republicans.

Then we elected a guy who isn’t a politician and doesn’t seem to obey those unwritten rules.

He’s already announced that he will have a nominee within days.

The hypocrisy on the right is off the charts when it comes to decisions like that. Hypocrisy is not a bug, it’s one of the weapons at your disposal. The Dems are saying, hey, that is wrong!, the Reps are thinking, so what?. This could well-back fire if they push this through. Finally, a reason for left-leaning lazy people to get off their bums and go to vote. But never underestimate the fumbling abilities of Chuck and Nancy.


I will go with the below, expect all 4 to go on the record.

It is a political thing. Really a worse case scenario for the dems. They railroaded Flynn and Page, impeached Trump and thought what…fair play is coming their way?

Votah please.


What’sherface from Maine may bend. She’s in a tight race.

Already happening:

Shortly before the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died Friday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski said in an interview that if she was presented with a vacancy on the court, she would not vote to confirm a nominee before the election.
Ginsburg died in her home in Washington D.C. at the age of 87 of complications from pancreatic cancer.
“I would not vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee. We are 50 some days away from an election,” she said.

Yay politics. :roll:

There are a number of vulnerable Senate Republicans, however, facing tough re-election races, which could affect how some of them would vote if it occurs prior to the election.

Politicians are all the same. No principles whatsoever. Lindsay is the worst.

He talks real pretty like.

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I’m not clear on the rules. Couldn’t they do it after the election and before inauguration?


I wish I knew what this thread was about so I could make a trenchant comment.

EDIT: Ah, OK, google is my friend. At least she didn’t die of COVID-19. I’m still baffled by the rest of the thread; you Americans sure have a complicated country.


Yes. Totally not cool in unwritten political rules.

This is important because apparently the judiciary system in the US is as partisan as its other branches of government.

Since there seem to be alleged ‘conservative’ judges and socalled ‘liberal’ judges both major parties have co-opted the supposedly independent judiciary to further their agendas.


Yeah, I guessed it was something like that. Building a government from scratch is damn hard, and the founding fathers did a pretty good job setting out the rules (considering the utter shambles that historically emerges from such efforts in 99 cases out of 100). But I reckon they made a big mistake assuming that everyone who followed them would have the same level of idealism, patriotism and competence.


I don’t think they did that at all. I’m sure How do we protect the Law from the Idiots came up.


Idiocy in those days was pretty rare, though, I reckon, so they may have underestimated the extent of the problem. If you were an idiot in 1800, you died - or at least ended up dirt-poor and in a social position where you could do no harm. Hard reality would judge your actions and opinions. Modern society saves stupid people from the consequences of their own stupidity.


I disagree. Only white male landowners could even vote. I don’t think that was an oversight.