rBST-free milk?

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I moved to Taipei a couple of weeks ago. I’m not into consuming fabricated food/drinks. Is all milk here rBST free? How do you tell, or which brands are safer?

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Have you found an organic store near you? Santa Cruz is a common organic store chain. There are 2 other chain organic stores but they only have Chinese names. Santa Cruz sells Chu Lu brand as well as Four Ways brand milk and both are supposed to be as close to organic as possible in Taiwan. Four Ways will deliver milk to your door, which makes it quite convenient.
Here’s information from a previous post regarding organic milk:

[quote=“Dragonbones”]Fourways is 四方鮮乳 in Chinese. TTBOMK they do sell organic milk without additives and with low-temperature pasteurization. I’m under the impression that the reason that they aren’t certified organic is because of the difficulty and expense of such certification in Taiwan for food products, so that would account for the OP’s not seeing ‘organic’ on the packaging.

Acc. to their website: The grass their cows eat is grown on their own pasture, and they use self-produced organic fertilizers, and no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. When the cows are ready to milk, each has its own bed to sleep on which is designed to keep the cow’s udders cleaner so that the cow’s waste won’t affect the quality of its milk. All the cows are free range.[/quote]

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Thank you so much. My husband ontactecd Fourways :slight_smile:

Does any know have any info on the milk produced by 2 of the biggies:

Wifelet is saying that the herds used for their milk are injected with rBST. Also, the cows are fed on aminal products, do not get put out to pasture etc.

Hunting around some more but I dont think RBST is allowed in TAiwan . America allows much more shit then TAiwan does it seems , according to this article:


Pressing the wife a little more, she said it was more antibiotics being pumped into the cows that she was thinking of, than rBST. Still, would be nice to know if anyone had a handle on taiwanese dairy cow life. I can’t get the phrase ‘cow puss’ out of my head now, from that other thread.

I’m sure the people at FourWay would be happy to answer your questions. They send representatives to Earth Day events, organic shows, Simple Market etc., or you could just call or write to them. I’ve posted about them here:

I haven’t been able to find out much about the legislation guiding the sale of dairy in Taiwan, but I have been buying FourWay’s milk frm Cotton Fields and it tastes real and wholesome, if that means anything at all. I sort of feel cnfident about it. Also, the teller at Cotton Fields said it was organic. So I have faith…