Re: Cashing/Depositing a Personal Check from the U.S

My grandfather sent me a personal check for Christmas and my birthday, drawn on a U.S. bank, in US. dollars (obviously). I don’t know why he didn’t think about the hassle of having to deal with this in a foreign country :? , but anyway … I have an account with ICBC … is it possible to either cash or deposit foreign checks in a Taiwanese bank account? If I couldn’t do it for my account, would a Taiwanese friend be able to do it for me if I endorsed it over to them? Anyone ever done this before? Thanks!

It is certainly possible, at what banks I don’t know, but a friend of mine once told me it takes about two months for the check to clear. If you still have a bank account in the U.S. I suggest you send it to your account via registered mail and depsit it there. Especially if you have a checking account, that way you can use a credit card here and then pay the credit card via your U.S. checking account.

A side note: Money orders don’t work well here, someone tried to send me two, I never recieved either of them.

I had an ‘International’ Money Order sent to me from the US. It took my bank a month to clear it. :unamused: Send me cash next time, please…

:shock: Well, at least you got it! :wink: