Re-count started

I guess we can have a topic devoted to the recount.

Drivel, observations, personal snipes.

Day 1: It begins and Chen is coming down. :smiley:

I am not in Taiwan at the moment. Has there been any talk of tampering with the sealed ballots? I for one wouldnt be suprised…

If the recount results in Chen getting booted out, surely that is dodgy and enough reason for another recount??! :slight_smile:

i wouldn’t worry…the blue camp hasn’t managed to do a single thing right post election. witness the high court hearing last week when the judge lambasted them for a woeful lack of preparation and a conspicuous absence of hard evidence in yet another of their myriad shim-sham cases being brought to annul the erection…as has been pointed out already the more likely result of the recount will be a greater majority for chen reason being accidental invalid votes where intention is clear are morely likely to come from the less-literate grassroots dpp supporters…

the really big question has to be what is lien chan going to do if the recount is not in his favor…i think there will be major pressure within his party to a. concede, b. apologise, c. resign, d. attend the inauguration with a pink carnation in his buttonhole

personally i’d be happier with e. feed himself to the lions

I don’t know, I am a little worried, actually anyone that would vote for the KMT are the ones that are uneducated. The educated like us here on this forum can see through the bullshit and we know enough about history not to ever vote for the KMT.

I really feel it is the less-literate voters bought by the KMT that might have stamped the ballot incorrectly. The DPP voters were at least educated enough to vote for the right party.

Ouch… how does one annul an erection? :laughing:

Ouch… how does one annul an erection? :laughing:[/quote]

Find out your playmate for the evening is a katoey? :laughing:

Yeah, would the inauguration go ahead on May20th as planned, quickly getting Lien in, or do they have to have another recount, best two-out-of-three?

Maybe they’ll go for three-out-of-five, and have the candidates arm-wrestle? I’d like to see that. Or we can have some ‘real’ wrestling? The elections have been reminiscent of the WWE in any case. Does Chen getting shot look real to you? Well, does it? Lots of high-octane posturing, grandstanding for the cameras, threats and accusations, large crowds baying for blood, and the whole thing is rigged and the winner is decided before the fight!

Can’t see why anyone would want the pan-blues in now, in any case. As has been pointed out, they’ve made themselves look completely foolish post March 20, there’s talk of letting go 3/4 of their staff, infighting, name-calling, calls for the Big Boys What Am Do Makes Thoses Decisionificationments to step down… Man, if they can’t even get their own ducks lined up in a nice, cohesive quacking row, how can they possibly think that they’re suited to running the country?!

To us foreigners pn-blue SHOULD have run its last race, but to the Taiwanese who have traditionally supported them? I dont think so… KMT will lose out for sure, but I still think the feverish support for Soong will just grow.

Soong’s potential future support or at least his belief in that future support is just the reason why there will be another split between the KMT and the PFP. Soong may want to run again “third time’s a charm”? KMT Ma and the new factions in the KMT will not go for any alliance with Soong as they know the current alliance is bringing their party image down.

Things are setup for a dramatic fight. Always something interesting going in Taiwan politics.

Don’t get me wrong - little Jimmy S scares the bejesus out of me. I think Ma could, if the KMT plays their cards right - rejuvenate the party a little. A ‘new’ KMT (with what seems like a more ‘reasonable’ Ma at the helm)would appeal to me more than a future DPP V Soong scenario…

I wonder whether it’ll finish in time for the inauguration. I’ve noticed that the Taipei Times keeps saying it should, while the China Post says it probably won’t. I think that reflects the hopes of the different camps. The DPP want it out of the way, while the KMT hope it’ll still be going on so they can still claim the election is undecided during the inauguration

The existing hard-core support for Soong will grow more feverish - but I don’t think that more people will join him. The KMT/PFP are playing to the party faithful, whipping up support with them, when they need to be going after the moderate voters - whom I suspect they’re putting off with their antics.

I think I’d back Chen to beat Lien in the wrestling, while the Lu vs. Soong battle will be a question of who plays the dirtiest (and the most fun to watch).

Incidentally, should we have a poll: “How many fistfights between the recounters do you expect each day?”


I thought that’s how you got an erection. :lovestruck:

i dont think it’ll finish in time for the simple reason that the blues are such a bunch of c&^%s that they’ll spit the dummy over every ballot paper they can, whilst crying foul play every time the dpp tries to query a paper. plus they’ll dispute every procedural ruling etc. etc. ad nauseum.

regarding jimmy-boy…i think his support will dwindle to the hardcore waishengren only (but this is a very vocal hardcore because they dominate the media here)…he has already alienated a great majority of the population with his rabble-rousing. so as a presidential candidate he has no hope; however in the legislative yuan elections expect the pfp to win heavy support in areas which have the right ethnic mix

The blue camp are sending their legislators to “help” with the recount. The DPP says it’s a big waste of time, and green-party legislators are staying in Taipei. Does it mean blue-party legislators will interfere with the vote-counting process?

“Is Lien capable or a leader?”…well he’s just lost two elections both of which should have been shoo-in’s (sp?) given the “resources” available to him (weakly-veiled reference to black gold). so i don’t think anyone anywhere believes he’s a leader…the question is can the KMT find anyone who can unite the disparate elements in the party and get them back in power…as already mentioned Ma’s biggest problem is his WSR pedigree…it’s very obvious the way forward is the taiwanhua/localisation route but even lien chan was more qualified to move the party in this direction than Ma is…maybe he needs to start eating binglang and swearing in minnanyu…otherwise he probably needs to form an alliance with someone who is local born so he can get more credibility on this…

of course it is entirely possible that the KMT could become completely marginalised…with the DPP becoming more mainstream and the possibility of a large swathe of local KMT jumping ship the KMT could become a big white elephant especially if lien chan refuses to go quietly…the PFP can quite happily command a substantial number of votes just from it’s staunch WSR support base and thus form a credible opposition…fascinating scenario really if we could witness a KMT meltdown…(but the partial meltdown scenario is i guess much more likely)

Well I hope for Taiwan’s sake the KMT stays as the larger opposition power.

Whilst a KMT meltdown might be fascinating a Taiwan divided along the lines of PFP - DPP for decades to come is too frightening to contemplate.

Taipei, May 10 (CNA) Legislative Yuan President Wang Jin-pyng urged lawmakers Monday not to overlook legislative work while showing concerns about the ongoing recount of ballots cast in the disputed March 20 presidential election.

Wang made the remarks after several Legislative Yuan standing committees were forced to cancel their scheduled meetings in the morning due to low attendance by legislators.

Earlier in the day, DPP legislative whip Tsai Huang-lan criticized the opposition “pan-blue alliance” of the Kuomintang (KMT) and the People First Party (PFP) for mobilizing their lawmakers to act as “vote recount cheerleaders” outside courthouses around the country.

Tsai said 21 DPP legislators showed up at the legislature Monday morning while only five “pan-blue alliance” lawmakers attended the legislative session.

"We were disappointed by the phenomenon, " Tsai said. “Vote recounting is none of the lawmakers’ business. It is the work of judges and lawyers.”

Tsai also expressed regret over Legislative Yuan President Wang’s decision to cancel an afternoon consultative meeting on a budget bill for state-owned enterprises simply because Wang, who is also a KMT vice chairman, wanted to visit the “pan-blue alliance’s” “vote recount support center.”

"The move epitomizes a serious dereliction of duty, " Tsai claimed.

— selected passages from CNA[/quote]
The vote recount support center? Is this for the nervous breakdowns that the pan-blues will be having after it is finished?
Vote recount cheerleaders
[/color]! Baby! Now this I like…the spicier the better!

[quote=“the bear”]…it’s very obvious the way forward is the taiwanhua/localisation route but even lien chan was more qualified to move the party in this direction than Ma is…maybe he needs to start eating binglang and swearing in minnanyu…[/quote] Nice post Bear, but we should all be more careful with our watermelon, Colt45 and Moonpie racial slurs, not all BSR swear in any language or chew binglang.

Hobart wrote:

Then he wrote:

So apparently we should only be concerned about maligning the BSR. Waishengren, they’re fair game. :unamused:

um my point is only that it couldn’t hurt for mr squeaky-clean to court a more “grassroots” image; it’s not a racial slur to refer to binglang as the drug of choice of working-class taiwanese males is it? i like binglang (like the girls what sell it even more)

anyway…anybody got any real news after the 1st day of the recount? says 947 ballots have been referred to the high court from 420 ballot boxes…mostly blue challenges…and there’s been some dodgy labelling and tieing of bags discovered…methinks they’ll need more than this to turn over 30,000 votes but it’s early doors yet…