Re: Is Martial Arts in Taoyuan?


I’m new. My name is Batata. I’m going to be moving to Taoyuan soon, which is about 30 minutes from Taipei Main Train Station. I don’t know anything almost about Taiwan or Taoyuan (except that I spent one night there last months ago) . What I want to know is, is there martial arts training there? I don’t mean kung fu or tai chi. I mean something tlike kickboxing, boxing, judo, Muay Thaii, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (I know there is a BJJ academy in Taipei) or anything like that, a contact sport, rather than a spiritual practice type of thing… If not, is there enough people there would might like to give it a try if someone organized something like that?

I will appreciate the any answers greatly/


I am also new to Taoyuan and have a similar question, but I AM looking for the spiritual/internalized martial arts in Taoyuan (Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing-I ect). Sorry for posting such a similar question but thanks. Let me know if anyone has any info or wants to meet up for some trainning.
Thanks so much