Re: Just Spayed My Kitten

I just had my 8-month old kitten spayed … and it hasn’t been a very pleasant experience. She slept most of the day yesterday, still woozy from the anesthesia, so she didn’t eat anything or go to the bathroom … couldn’t even stand up by herself. She’s obviously in a lot of pain. She’s wide awake now, but she still won’t eat and won’t get up. I’ve tried to stand her up but she just falls over and starts hissing and screaming. Is this normal? When should she be able to start eating again?

The vet seemed to be good (he graduated from NTU), and he gave me medicine to apply to her wound once a day and extra bandages. She’s also wrapped up quite well to prevent her from licking or knawing at her wound. I have to take her back in 10 days to get the stitches taken out. I’m just worried about her not eating anything or going to the bathroom.

Don’t ask us! Get the poor thing back to the vet.

Mine could all run and demand food within half an hour of getting home (about five or six hours after the op.)

The only on that had difficulty such as you describe died. She had been poisoned the morning of the op. If I had taken her back to the vet instead of thinking that continual wooziness and loss of appetite is normal, she might still be here today.

Always take them to the vet for anything abnormal. It’s so cheap here to get them checked over.

Good luck, and I didn’t mean to scare you - just making a point.

I don’t think there is much to worry about, just make sure she has lots of fluids. kittens usually get very dispondent after surgery. It makes them dehydrated. If she is still not eating after two days then only is there cause for concern. Always look at your animals gums. If they are very pale, then be worried, chances are she is bleeding internally and the doc needs to see her urgently. This is very rare and so you should not panic if the gums are slightly pale.

[quote=“Stray Dog”]Don’t ask us! Get the poor thing back to the vet.[/quote]No, get her to a different vet. You expect the vet to admit he did a less than perfect job and ?
The vet did a botch job when neutering ours, left a great big gash in her tummy, he said it was no problem and it would heal. It didn’t, so we took her to a different vet and they redid it. Not even a scar now, as it should be.

I took everyone’s advice and took her to another vet, the same one I used before I moved to Banqiao. He said not to worry, that she will probably be like this for 3-5 days, and that she may not want to eat or drink anything for a couple of days. He gave her a check-up and her heart-rate, temperature, and everything were normal, and he said the wound looked fine and her “jing shen” was good. He said to just give her a little time and she’ll be fine. I just hope he’s right … I just hate seeing her in so much pain. She’s always been so docile and friendly, and I hate hearing her yowling, hissing, and being so aggressive. Her tummy hurts so much that when she tries to walk, she falls over after she takes a few steps. But again, he said that was normal … Oh well … sigh

Mine was exactly like LBT’s when I picked her up after I had to have her fixed at the tender age of 6 months because she had kept first a friend and then me awake for weeks.

I almost cried when I picked her up: they hadn’t cleaned her up at all, there seemed to be blood everywhere. And my lively little baby was obviously all hurting and miserable. She wouldn’t want to move or do anthing all day except, for whatever reason, beg me to lift her up onto my desk of all places where she has her special paper tray to watch me when I use the desktop pc. I was so scared she’d try to get down from there on her own that I spent the night on the sofa in the study to be there when she would wake up. And just caught her in time before she slipped of the chair in the early morning. She went to use the litterbox (one day after the surgery for the first time), came back and slept some more in the paper tray.

She was very subdued for about a week, wouldn’t eat or drink much (I don’t remember when she started again), wouldn’t use the litterbox much and would actually wait for me to lift her up on the sofa or the bed. She started licking herself clean after the first day and looked much better by the time I had to take her back to get the stitches out.

So, LBT, your cat will probably be fine in a few days, just like the vets say and just like Tuesday was. But I know what it feels like to look at her and see her in pain. It almost drove me crazy.


Thanks for the words of encouragement, Iris. It makes me feel a lot better! :slight_smile:

So, LBT, how is your cat? Better?

She’s still a little moody, especially with the new kitten, but she’s much better now … she’s eating regularly, going to the bathroom, and walking around. I’m taking her to get her stitches out on Friday. Next comes the immunizations for the new kitten!