Re: ROC Military Honor Guard

Yesterday afternoon I went to CKS Memorial Hall to watch the ROC military’s Honor Guard perform. I have a very good friend who’s in the Air Force Honor Guard. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. All three branches of the military’s Honor Guard and the band are performing together. They’ll be performing there every afternoon this week at around 2 o’clock or so in preparation for their big New Year’s performance in front of the Presidential Building. If you have some free time in the afternoon, I strongly recommend going to see them!

But did they blink?

I have to agree! If there is one unit in the slave army of the Republic of China that is up to the job, it is the Honor Guard. However I would have to point out that many of the actions and movements are identical to those of the German Army during the NAZI period. The goose-stepping and bells on the boots are excellent examples. Acceptable here in Asia but enough to give my Jewish grandmother a heart attack.

I didn’t see any goose-stepping …

Years ago I read a report from a German military advisor (training Yuan Shih-kai’s Peiyang Army). He was disgusted. He said the Chinese officers and troops hated combat training but LOVED “drill and ceremonies”.

And this from the Taipei Times (10/11/2000):

“The military should not always stay with old customs and old thinking. It should come up with something different if it really wants to impress the president and the public,” he said, adding that “goose-stepping is no longer seen in most democratic countries.” … 0/11/56825

KMT soldier cover LIFE Magazine May 16, 1938 (wonder where he got the helmet?)

Read up some on the activities of Chiang Kai-shek’s military adviser, German General Hans von Seeckt. … o_1935.htm

Didn’t one of Chiang Kai Shek’s bastards serve in the Nazi army and “participate” the German invasion of Austria and Serbia.

I knew about the Germans training the KMT army, which is why I was surprised not to see the goose-step … but I believe the honor guard in Tiananmen Square still do that …

I was at CKS on Saturday to see the (excellent, go see it) ariel photo exhibition and saw three dingleberries slow-stepping down the steps and taking the flag down. Why do militaries seem to so enjoy making their personnel look like such utter twallocks?


During the advance into Austria there was among the officers of the Gebirgsj

The story now is that Wego Chiang was adopted. But, yes, he was with the Nazi forces before being recalled to China.

[quote]Die Nachfolge als Verbandspr

Off Topic. Germany did not invade Austria. They annexed it. The Germans, even the Nazis, are shit hot at training their army. Hell the most professional army in history was the WWII German army, no this does not include the Waffen SS (they were a seperate army altogether) and they to were pretty shit hot on the battlefield also. Those in the SS that commited horific were part of a seperate branch of the SS. I love military history. BTW what did the Chinese soldiers learn from the Germans. It didn’t work very well. my two cents.


I understand that he went on to lead the local version of the Gestapo during the later half of the white terror here on Taiwan. He now has several schools and a foundation named after him all catering to the upper class Chinese types / KMT.