Re: Very Naughty Kitten

He’s doing a bit better now, athough he still gets into things that he shouldn’t, but not quite as hyperactive as before. However, with the new kitten, Simba, around, they like getting into trouble together … while Kitty just sits there and stares at them like they’re nuts.

One great thing about Shadow, though, is that he’s very affectionate and loves people … he’s not shy AT ALL. Whenever anyone comes over, he immediately runs over to them and jumps up on them, purrs, and wants to cuddle and play… the other two run away and hide from strangers. Whenever I’m in the living room lying on the couch, Shadow always lies down on top of me and either sleeps or stares at me … it’s only when I’m not in the room that he gets into trouble. When I’m there, he’s as sweet as can be.