Re: When to apply for my new ARC?


I just transferred schools and got my new work permit from the MOE. However, my old work permit doesn’t run out until March 31st, with the new one taking effect on April 1st. So, my question is: When do I go to the Foreign Affairs Police to apply for my new ARC? Do I go before March 31st, or after? If before, how soon before?

Secondly, and this is a long shot, but if for some reason my old school was to get pissed within the next two weeks before my new work permit takes effect, and cancel my old one, what can I do? Would I have to leave the country, or would the foreign affairs police let me stay in the country and get my new ARC (I already have the new work permit, approved and all). I don’t think this is likely, but I’ve come not to expect things to be easy around here.

Thanks in advance.