Reach to Teach, Teach Away recruiters, KNS Language Gaoxiong

Hi, Im in between thinking of coming to Taiwan or south korea… I have interviews with Reach to Teach and Teach Away and was wondering if anyone has experience with either of these recruiters. I also saw an ad post for KNS language Inst. in Kaoshiung and was hoping if someone could tell me if these were good people to work for. Keep in mind Im a newb, so I am also considering Hess since they give you that start up loan and free TEFL training.

Thanks for your help!

Oh, I was also wondering what the overall consensus is for whether Taipai or Kaoshiung is better for newbs just learning the game. Thanks!

Come to Taipei. And I can vouch for Mitch at reach to teach. He’s a fair guy.

I agree. He’s a straight shooter. :thumbsup:

The guy they set me up with is named Bryan…

For a newb, Taipei for sure. :thumbsup:

I know KNS a bit, as I used to be a YLE (Young Learners Exams) Examiner in Taiwan, and KNS was one of the testing centers that I frequently examined at. I was impressed by the school, it seemed to have a good system (and the few branches I saw the interior of were absolutely gorgeous inside!), and I really liked the owner. He’s a very professional, friendly, laid back sort of guy who appeared to be well liked by the staff there. I always enjoyed chatting with him.

The KNS students who took the YLE Exams were consistently very, very good with their English, generally much better than students from other schools.

In fact, I always said that I would have wanted to work for KNS if I lived in Kaohsiung (I lived in Pingtung though, and hour away). I would definitely recommend them.