Reading books for young learners

I need to supply a list of books suitable for students from age 5 up to 10. Reading books, books they will like and that will help their interest in English, imagination, and reading ability. Can people please post lists of books you know are popular, and where they can be bought in Taipei? Also, if you could also post websites I could browse-and recommend to parents, that would also be great. Thanks!

Whinny the witch.

Read it yourself:
The tree little pigs
Billy goat gruffs
Hansel and Gretel
The shoemaker and his wife
The sly fox and red hen.

Nursery Rhymes
Old MC Donald
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
This old man
The wheels on the bus
The farmer in the dell


Just go to Caves. They have 100’s of children’s story books to pick from. Some are incredibly boring and others are pretty funny. I have a similar project to do in a couple of months.

Thanks HiT, but I am unable to go to Caves with only 4 days left, and a busy schedule. If anyone else can give a website where I can surf book titles and also lists of suitable books, then thanks.

Be careful about stores that are far away every day except Monday.

Dr. Seuss books are very good for learning phonics.