Reading Tolkien

You need to have a “never have and never will” option. I refuse to read fantasy.

[quote=“xtrain_01”]I’ve read them a few times as well, just finished going through the hobbit 2 weeks ago again, as I saw it in the university library.

there was something else there I found interesting too - a “for dummies” book on tolkien and LOtR. took it out, and found out a lot of background stuff that is not in the appendices of the LOtR books. I haven’t gotten through the silmarillion yet, thought I’ve started more than once … after going through this book, which makes things a lot clearer, (esp, the historical) it might make for less of a slog. maybe next trip home, where it sits waiting for me :slight_smile:

anyways, enjoy them …[/quote]

The Silmarillion is an important read because it makes very clear why the Elves pine on about the West. Some of Galadriel’s brothers and uncles were real badasses.

Peter jackson’s best movie is still “bad taste”. I can watch that endlessly.

Question: LOR lost to Asimov’s Foundation series as best trilogy - does anyone agree?